6 big benefits of using mobile technology to improve your warehouse operations

Technology advances at lightning speed these days, with mobile technology becoming a huge trend in the business sector. Many businesses are starting to discover the advancement of mobile scanners and the positive effects it can have on your business. Modern technology such as mobile phones, tablets, mobile scanners, and the software applications that can be run on their devices, are revolutionising the way businesses operate around the world. The benefits of mobile scanning speak for themselves. They can make your business more efficient and accurate, while reducing costs and even your business’ carbon footprint.

We have compiled a list of ways mobile technology and our Paperless Picking modules can enhance your warehouse operations and improve your business dramatically.

  1. More Efficient

Mobile apps can improve warehouse operations by reducing the time it takes to pick an order. For example, Triumph’s Paperless Picking module guides the user around the warehouse in the most efficient path. This means staff are able to pick orders quicker. This makes warehouse operations much more efficient.

  1. More Accurate

Utilising mobile technology can also improve the accuracy of picking orders. Triumph’s Paperless Picking module displays products on the screen with their bin location, code, description and picture. This ensures staff pick the correct item. There are also options to force a bar code to be scanned before it can be picked, thus eliminating 99% of picking errors.

  1. Allows Unfamiliar Staff to Pick Orders

The feature that guides the user through the warehouse, enables new or unfamiliar staff to pick orders autonomously, quickly and accurately.

  1. Reduce Costs

There are several cost-saving incentives for introducing mobile technology to your warehouse. The  Paperless Picking module can make your warehouse operations more accurate and efficient, and dramatically reduce errors. Meaning, your investment pays for itself several times over.

  1. Improve Customer Satisfaction

By using mobile apps to improve picking accuracy and speed, you can increase customer satisfaction. Customers are then more likely to receive the correct order faster.

  1. Better for the Environment

Using mobile technology in the warehouse can even reduce your business’ carbon footprint. As its name suggests, Triumph’s Paperless Picking module completely removes all paper from the picking process. This means not only does the company save on printing costs, but it’s better for the environment too.

Triumph’s Paperless Picking module is a part of the fully integrated Triumph ERP software system. In addition, we have several other applications that are compatible with mobile devices such as Point of Sale, Web Requisitions, and B2B e-Commerce. For more information or to request a free trial, contact us on 1800 653 545 or info@triumph.com.au.