How to change your company logo on forms and reports in Triumph ERP

From both a business and marketing perspective, it’s very important that you have your logo on all forms and documents produced within your company and it’s very easy to do within Triumph ERP.

To change your company logo on forms and reports, go to: System Maintenance > System Setup > System Control > Printing and Stationery Setup.

Company Logo,Triumph ERP

Select either the ‘Printed Forms’ tab to change the logo on forms like invoices OR the ‘Listings + Reports’ tab to change the header logo for your reports and listings.

Company logo

The recommended format to use for the logos is .jpg and .png due to their smaller size. It is also recommended to keep the logo size under 200 KB for best performance.

The recommended logo resolution size for forms is 440 x 440 pixels and it should ideally be a square image. The recommended logo size for listings and reports is 716 x 236 pixels.

Double click on the image box and select the image file you need. In a Multi-Division company, each division can have its own logo for their forms, listings and reports!

Company Logo,Triumph ERP

All done!