How can I easily look up a sales order from a parts enquiry?

Sales Order Entry

If you are looking up a sales order from a parts enquiry you can now double click on that order number and the order will open in Sales Order, previously you had to write the order number down. 

Click on Back Orders. Double Click an Order number you want. Click here to see how easy this is achieved. 

If you go into Stock Item Enquiry(I-F-E), search the item by the stock code, it will provides a quick, single point of reference, stock and customer pricing screen.

Sales Order

And if you double click the “Back-orders”, it will pop up all the sales orders related to the stock code.

sales order

Install the latest Triumph 6.2 Update in 10 simple steps

Here’s how you install the latest Triumph 6.2 update in 10 simple steps.

Firstly, you should check if you are on the latest release by logging into Triumph and going to;

Help -> Check for Update.


Important Note; if you do not see the ‘Check for Update’ option it indicates that your system is definitely not up-to-date.

If a later release is available, it will be stated.


Please note that only the latest version of Triumph receives all the latest features.

Before you begin:

  • Make sure that all users are logged out of Triumph and have closed the program down.
  • It is recommended that the Validate Triumph program has been run for all companies. This is to clear out any stale sessions in Triumph.
  • During the installation of the update it is recommended that the user is logged on to the server as administrator. This is to prevent any security and access rights issues. (Note that when running as administrator and installing on a LAN with a mapped drive, e.g. T:, this mapped drive must also be mapped for the administrator).

Step 1

and copy it into the ~\Triumph\wrkstn\’ folder.


Step 2

Run the ‘Triumph 6.2 Update.exe’ installer, located in the ‘~\Triumph\wrkstn\’ folder. Click “Next >”


Step 3

Select “I agree to the terms of this license agreement” and click ‘Next >’.


Step 4

Your Triumph installation folder should be filled in automatically if the installer is run from the ~\Triumph\wrkstn folder. Click ‘Next >’ if this information is correct.


Step 5

Click ‘Install >’ to start the installation. This will install all the updated programs, forms and reports.


Step 6

Click ‘Next >’ once the install process has completed.


Step 7

Please ‘Select ALL’ companies then click ‘Next >’. This process updates the company data.


Step 8

Click ‘Confirm to proceed with process’ and click ‘OK’ to start the company data update.


Step 9

Once the company data update is complete, click ‘Finish’.


If there were any errors during the update, highlighted in red at the end, you will need to remedy and run again. If the problem persists please contact your Triumph consultants.

Step 10

You can then click ‘Finish’ to complete the update, and optionally view the log file.


You have now installed the latest Triumph 6.2 update in 10 simple steps. Well done.

If you haven’t already done so, download the ‘Triumph 6.2 Changes Document.pdf’ from our website at: Download the latest ‘Triumph 6.2 Update.exe’ from our website at:, and find out about all the changes included in this update.

How to email contacts with a single click?

tips and tricks 1

Maintaining contacts is Triumph ERP provides a quick and easy way to communicate with customers and suppliers alike.  With a click your email client is automatically launched with the email address inserted and ready for you to type.

Contacts can be mailed via any of the following options:

  • Bank Account Maintenance (G-B-F-A)
  • Debtor Account Maintenance (D-F-A)
  • Creditor Account Maintenance (C-F-A)
  • Insurance Maintenance (F-F-I)
  • Finance Maintenance (F-F-F)
  • Job Maintenance (J-F-J)
  • Global Delivery Address Maintenance (C-P-F-D)

And via the Contacts button on the application’s toolbar.

  • Contact Maintenance (S-F-F-O)

How to check what version of Triumph I am running.

How to check what version you are running and how to get the latest maintenance & product enhancements

Regularly updating your software to the latest version is the best way to protect your investment and get the most out of the business software.

Triumph software updates contain product enhancements and occasionally contain bug fixes. These updates are installed over your Triumph current installation and do not require uninstalling or re-installing Triumph. Applying software updates is one of the most important things you can do in your business.

Firstly, you should check if you are on the latest release, Triumph 6.2. Please note that only the latest version of Triumph receives all of the latest features.

To check your Version of Triumph, simply click on Help -> About.

To check for the latest update; Help -> Check for Update. If a later release is available, it would be stated.


How to gain better control over emailing business forms in Triumph ERP

how to gain better control over emailing business forms

In Triumph 6 you now have much more control over emailing business forms like invoices, quotes and purchase orders.

Emailing in Triumph, unlike some other products is built in and free to use. Emails can be sent via Outlook, Microsoft Exchange or most other mail systems such as Gmail.

To turn on the editing of your emails, you would first need to navigate to Business Forms Set Up via System Maintenance -> Utilities in the main menu for emailing. Select the form and change Edit Emails to “Yes”. This will only work for single emails like a single debtor invoice and will not work for bulk emails like a statement run.


Before emailing a single business form the following window will pop-up, allowing you to:

  • Add multiple email addresses in the; To, Cc, and Bcc recipient list
  • Change the Subject line
  • Add multiple additional attachments
  • Edit and change the message body

In addition to this, Statements have a new page that will allow you to edit the message body and specify additional attachments. This is a great way of sending out additional marketing information such as new catalogues and price lists etc.


Is your Registration Key causing you frustration?

Is your registration key causing you frustration?

The registration procedure has a new option that automatically updates your registration via the Internet.

This option is now active for clients that have paid their latest Triumph maintenance and are on Triumph 6.0, 4-May-2016 or later.

If you find you are not on Triumph 6, see your Dealer today for an upgrade to the latest release, your upgrade to Triumph 6 is free and covered by your Triumph software maintenance. (Dealer installation fees apply).

To access this option, you would need to:

  1. Browse to Registration Procedure (S-S-S-R).
  2. Select Update Triumph’s Registration via the Internet
  3. The program will fetch the latest registration certificate and update the system. This includes your maintenance expiry date and any new users, or modules you may have purchased. It will also check if your version of Triumph is the latest release.

How to remove users from Triumph without validating

how to remove users from triumph without validating

You can remove system users without needing to do a full validation from Triumph.

To do this the user must have full access rights to the Enquire on System Users option (S-M-E).

Once in this menu option, select the bogus user you want to remove and click on the terminate button. You can only terminate a user in the current company.

Note that you should not use this method to terminate users if they are actively using the system. If they are in the system, you should ask them to log out properly from their workstation and not just boot them out using this option.


Please note: Terminating does not immediately close any network files so users may need to wait for this to happen.

How do I complete a one-off backup of my Triumph data?

There are times when a one-off backups is required. This is how you apply it to Triumph ERP

For instances where you want to make a copy before you process a month or year-end or when you are requested to send a copy of your data to your business advisor or software consultant.

This backup procedure is not a replacement for your external system backups. External system backups are vital to ensure you are able to restore your system in case of data loss which can be caused by many things ranging from computer viruses to hardware failures to file corruption to fire, flood, theft. Thus this procedure is to be used only for one off backups.

Firstly it is very important to note that you will need to be the only user in the Company you wish to backup and the Company must be in Single User Mode. 

Now let’s make a start.

  1. To make a backup you need to use the “transfer out” option {S – D – T – O}
    one-off backup
  2. Follow the wizard (next)
    one-off backup
  3. Select the Company you wish to backup (Transfer Out)
    one-off backup
  4. Select the location to back up the data to (Destination Folder)
    one-off backup
    And select your options (DO NOT INCLUDE “Index Files” or “Library Database” unless you have been specifically asked to)
    one-off backup
  5. Add a comment if appropriate and then select Next
  6. Check Transfer Company Out details and if correct, tick “Confirm to transfer out the company”

one-off backup

  1. Select the Process button
    If successful, you will be presented with the following screen
    one-off backup

Well done you have now completed a safe and successful one off backup of your Triumph data.

Just as a reminder;
This backup procedure is not a replacement for your external system backups. This procedure is to be used only for one off backups.

How to move between tabs in Triumph without using a mouse

How to move between tabs without using a mouse

Here’s how to move between tabs in Triumph without using a mouse

A lot of Windows packages utilise the Alt key in addition to a letter to move around the screen without the aid of a mouse. This can create a problem as multiple menu options may begin with the same letter etc.


Triumph has allowed a quick jump/move facility in their screens with multiple tabs.  You will notice a numbered square in the corner of each tab.

To switch between tabs, hold your CTRL key down and press the number of the tab you wish to jump to; e.g. Ctrl+7


In transaction screens the line type tabs are defined by letters. To switch between these tabs, hold your ALT key down and press the letter of the i.e. line type you wish to jump to.