Optimising Infrastructure: A Comprehensive Approach to ERP and Fixed Asset Management

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have become indispensable tools for businesses looking to streamline their operations and improve efficiency. One key aspect of ERP that is often overlooked but critical for many companies is fixed asset management. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems have become instrumental for businesses looking to streamline and improve operational efficiency across the board.

Additionally, ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning systems) play a crucial role in integrating various business functions and processes within an organization. These systems help streamline operations, improve efficiency, and provide a centralized platform for managing data and information.

By consolidating different departments such as finance, human resources, supply chain, and customer service into one cohesive system, ERP systems enable better decision-making and resource allocation. With features like real-time data updates, analytics, and reporting tools, ERP systems empower businesses to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced market environment. Businesses that implement ERP systems often experience increased productivity, cost savings, and overall business growth.

What is Fixed Asset Management?

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Fixed assets are any sort of capital such as buildings, machinery, vehicles, and equipment that play a signification role in helping operational output. Having an effective management system for these assets is essential for maximizing their value and ensuring you meet regulatory standards.

ERP solutions are highly beneficial as they offer a central platform where stakeholders can manage and track properties such as asset acquisitions, depreciation, maintenance, and disposal. By integrating fixed asset management into their ERP system, businesses can gain real-time visibility into the status and condition of their assets, leading to better decision-making and cost control. Additionally, ERP systems can automate many aspects of fixed asset management, such as calculating depreciation expenses and generating asset reports, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

Moreover, ERP solutions with a fixed asset module effectively help businesses adhere to accounting standards and regulations. By maintaining accurate records of asset values, depreciation schedules, and disposals, companies can ensure transparency and accountability in their financial reporting.

This can be especially important for businesses operating in industries with strict regulatory requirements, such as manufacturing or utilities. Overall, integrating fixed asset management into an ERP system can lead to improved operational efficiency, better financial management, and enhanced compliance for businesses of all sizes.

Triumph’s Fixed Asset Module

fixed assets

The integration of fixed asset management into an ERP system can bring a multitude of benefits to businesses. From improving operational efficiency and financial management to enhancing compliance with regulations, ERP systems serve as powerful tools for businesses of all sizes.

By leveraging the capabilities of ERP systems for fixed asset management, companies such as yours can optimize the value of your assets, make informed decisions continually, and ensure long-term sustainability within an ever evolving business landscape.

Triumph’s Fixed Assets module can run stand alone, or it can be integrated with Triumph’s General Ledger. Or, through an interface, with the General Ledger of other popular accounting software. It is also available in single user or multi-user configurations.

  • Service/testing information can be maintained on an asset component
  • Asset Scanning designed to run on a PDA scanner or smart phone
  • Asset Service Schedule/ Report, automatically emailed to a service manager at the start of every month
  • Detailed asset information storage
  • Component asset categorization
  • Complete transaction audit for each asset
  • Asset movement monitoring
  • Asset disposal options
  • Multi-Location Asset stocktaking
  • Use of asset images to better track and recognise assets
  • CPI table for accurate reporting of capital gains
  • Flexible asset management
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Pool lower value assets as per the ATO’s (Australian Taxation Office) ruling.

Click here for detailed information on the features of our ‘Fixed Assets’ module

People Having a Business Meeting in the Office

Our Fixed Assets module not only simplifies the tracking and management of your company’s fixed assets but also enhances financial reporting accuracy. By automating the processes of depreciation calculation, asset valuation, and disposal management, our fixed assets module minimizes the potential for human error and ensures compliance with accounting standards. This is crucial for organizations aiming to maintain clear visibility over their financial health and asset lifecycle management.

For businesses looking to optimize their asset management practices, Triumph’s Fixed Assets module offers a robust solution that scales as you grow. Its ability to integrate with other accounting software further underscores its value, enabling a more coherent and efficient financial management system.

For more detailed information on how Triumph’s Fixed Assets module can transform your asset management strategy, read more here.

Triumph ERP Footy Tipping Results for 2024

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Good luck with the season ahead.

I’m not a diehard footy fan but I still love the Triumph Footy Tipping Competition. It’s great challenging friends, family and work mates and, given I know very little about the game, it’s always fun to see their faces when I come out ahead!! I love the weekly prizes – a much better incentive than only one winner at the end of season. 2024 – Bring it on!

Jacqui Clay – PJ Technology

The Prizes

Every week a winner will receive a $25 Coles Myer Gift Voucher, with the overall winner receiving the choice of either a $200 Visa Gift Voucher or a case of premium Australian wine valued at $200.

The Terms and Conditions

The competition is free to join. However, participants must reside in Australia, be of legal age, and be employed by a company or organisation.

*For the complete list of T&C click here

Rules of Play

The 2024 AFL season will be the 128th season of the Australian Football League, the highest-level senior men’s Australian rules football competition in Australia, which was known as the Victorian Football League until 1989.

The season will feature eighteen clubs and will run from 7th March until 25th August, comprising a new ‘Opening Round’ on top of the 24 round-game home-and-away season, the most in league history, followed by a finals series featuring the top eight clubs.

The fixture for the first time in AFL History was extended to include an ‘Opening Round’ along with 24 matches per club, the longest in history. Participants predict the result of each game by nominating the correct result. Participants must also select the margin
they think will be scored in the margin game played in each round

*For complete set of rules including our points system click here

How to Register

The 2024 registration is now open. To get involved you need to register yourself or a team, visit the Footy Tab on the website and follow the prompts or click below to register now!

Triumph Goes to America: Synergy 2023

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From 19-22nd September, developers around the globe gathered together for the Synergy Conference in North America, hosted by DataAccess Worldwide.

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Synergy 2023 in Louisville, Kentucky

The conference was a four-day event! On days one and two, the techs got their hands dirty with web security, interface design, and other fun web tools. With day two and three dedicated to the conference.

With two primary goals DataAccess’s Synergy conferences aim to:

  1. To help inform developers and teach the DataFlex Community about the latest enhancements to the product, and
  2. To give developers the opportunity to network with each other

The rest of the time we kicked back and enjoyed the show, with the DataAccess team treating us to a sneak peek of their latest releases and what’s coming in the near future. Plus, we got to see some seriously cool projects from other developers using DataFlex tools to show off their skills.

It was also an amazing opportunity to learn from experts in the field and connect with other like-minded individuals. The keynote speakers were truly helpful and gave us a fresh perspective on the future of development for business applications with DataFlex. The networking events were also a highlight, allowing us to meet people within our field and connect with business contacts.

This year Triumph Business Systems sent their senior software developer, Thomas Murphy.

tom at dataflex event
Thomas Murphy, Senior Software Developer for Triumph

Thomas is a highly experienced developer and has been with Triumph Business Systems for over 24 Years! His expertise in software development has been invaluable to the success of our proprietary integrated software solution ‘Triumph ERP’ .

Thomas attended all 4 days of the conference. Marking his fifth trip to the States for Synergy conferences, with his first being back in 2005 in Miami.

Attending Synergy conferences has become essential for Thomas and the development of our own software, as the conference helps him to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies implemented within DataFlex. He always returns from these conferences motivated and inspired, eager to implement new ideas and techniques in his work.

This year’s conference was no exception. Thomas had the opportunity to attend several informative sessions and network with other professionals in his field. He even had the chance to speak with some of the keynote speakers and gain insights into their experiences and perspectives.

When asked about the highlights of this year’s Synergy conference Thomas said,

“It was great to learn more about what’s already in the product, and what’s coming next, particularly the improvements to the web offering and what we can then development using DataFlex. It’s also good to be able to have one-on-one time with the DataAccess development team and learn more about DataFlex.

Also being my fifth conference, it was good to catch up with other developers I had met previously and meet new ones, and discuss what they are up to. Another highlight was the group outing to a minor league baseball game.”

20230921 085716

Overall, the conference was a great success and we can’t wait for the next one. It was a reminder of why we love what we do and why we’re so passionate about creating innovative software solutions for growing businesses.

If you are a business passionate about innovative technology and want to apply this to your business today, let us help you, help you to take the next step today towards digital transformation.

Get in touch today or better yet try our demo to see how you can unlock the true potential of your business.

Triumph ERP Footy Tipping Results for 2023

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This is a completely free competition that’s fun and easy to play with weekly prizes to be won. This season all players will be given the “concession” to have three rounds of “Tips” submitted on their behalf, if they fail to lodge them before the bounce down of the first game of each round. All concession games will be allocated away games including bonus points excluding the margin bonus point. We got you covered in 2023!
Also, to keep our competition fun and easy and for everyone to have a chance of winning a round, we have a unique scoring system where it’s not just about picking the correct winners each week. You can score extra points for picking the correct margin and tied games, as well as the correct prediction of interstate and bottom ten teams! Good luck with the season ahead.

Our Winner for 2023

After a wonderful fun competition with so many winners over 24 rounds we are delighted to announce the winner of The Triumph Footy Tipping Competition for 2023.

The winner is Kirsty Hill from “TSS” . Congratulations to Kirsty who took out first place with a total of 194 points ahead of Adrian Calleja and Peter Lawrence Johnson on 191 points. Another wonderful year of fun, thank you to everyone for being part of it. See you again for the 2024 AFL season.

RoundsWeekly Winner
OneBrian McKenzie From: GKR Transport
TwoVicki Hearne From: WA Hair & Beauty
ThreeLorraine Swain From: Sanctuary Real Estate
FourDean Schwarz From: Vanguard Mining
FiveBenny Marais From: Orbit Health & Fitness Solutions
SixMatt Hamersley From: Teak Industrial Supplies
SevenGary Tolliday From: Gary Tolliday Finance
EightCaroline Watson From: Public Transport Authority of WA
NineJeff Little From Mobile Computer Accounting
TenMichael Watt From Canva
ElevenGary Tolliday From GARY TOLLIDAY FINANCE
TwelveChris Boulgouris From MYOB
ThirteenEugene Staunton From Pertex
FourteenKirsty Hill From TSS
FifteenRob Chasland From Century 21 River Residential
SixteenYvonne Milentis From Harvey Fresh
SeventeenKen Tirant From Field Group
EighteenAnthony Campbell From Balance Tax Pty Ltd.
NineteenBrian McKenzie From GKR Transport
TwentySue Bullen From CA Management Services
Twenty-OneClive Richmond From Triumph Business Systems
Twenty-Two Ingrid Tilley From Accord Group (WA)
Twenty-ThreeJohn Allanson From CA Management Services
Twenty-FourAdrian Calleja from Assett Mechanical Engineering Pty

Here’s what a few of our clients thought of our exciting annual footy tipping competitions

Thank you again for a fantastic and enjoyable tipping competition and credit to to all concern.

Mark Toogood The Western Australian Railways Institute (WARI) Mana

“Thanks Triumph for a great Footy Tipping Competition. I have done this for quite a number of years now, imagine my surprise when I won a round and received a great bottle of wine for my efforts. I will be doing it again this year and who knows, I may even win another round!”

– Barbara Anderson, Chief Information Officer, Orbit Health & Fitness Solutions

“This competition is great – you don’t have to be an expert to tip a winner and it’s heaps of fun due to the weekly prize. Anyone can win it from any position of the ladder”

– Steven Wong, Dodd & Dodd Group Pty Ltd

“I have been tipping with Triumph Footy Tipping for several years. It’s great fun, and the only problem I have encountered is that it’s addictive. I am looking forward to winning a few more rounds this year. I can’t wait for this year’s competition to start!”

– David Tilley, Principal and Director Accord Group (WA)

“The Triumph tipping comp is always great fun! The scoring is a lot different to the run-of-the-mill tipping comps which makes it a lot more interesting. Always great to check the results on Monday and see who has bragging rights!!”

– Rod Marsh, Group Project Manager, Mincon

“I really enjoy the Triumph Footy Tipping Competition. It has always been well conducted and in the past I have even pick up a win which gives the “ego a kick along”, especially when you forward the results on to your many mates in the many footy tipping competitions. Looking forward to this year’s competition.”

– Gary Tolliday, Gary Tolliday Finance

“I am so excited that the Footy Tipping Competition is about to start for 2023. The comp is very well run, there are fabulous prices to be won and it’s heaps of fun. Looking forward to winning a few more rounds this year.”

– Sue Lavanda, Purchasing & Logistics Manager ,K-One Fluid Power

“Triumph Business Systems run a professional and engaging footy tipping competition. I have enjoyed it for a few years now so much so that it is the only one I participate in. It’s good fun – get on board”

– Barbara Oversby, Senior Business Software Consultant, CA Management Services

The Prizes

Every week a winner will receive a $25 Coles Myer Gift Voucher, with the overall winner receiving the choice of either a $200 Visa Gift Voucher or a case of premium Australian wine valued at $200.

The Terms and Conditions

The competition is free to join. However, participants must reside in Australia, be of legal age, and be employed by a company or organisation.

*For the complete list of T&C click here

Rules of Play

There are twenty-three rounds, each round consisting of up to nine AFL games to tip against. Participants
predict the result of each game by nominating the correct result. Participants must also select the margin
they think will be scored in the margin game played in each round

*For complete set of rules including our points system click here

How to Register

The 2023 registration is now open. To get involved you need to register yourself or a team, visit the Footy Tab on the website and follow the prompts.

A Beacon Of Hope for Small Tech

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As a small business, it’s easy to get discouraged when faced with the many challenges that come with running one. But it’s important to remember that success is possible with hard work, dedication, and the right tools and support. 

And speaking of success…

We are thrilled to announce that Triumph Business Systems has been awarded the Australian Small Business Champion Award for 2023 in the Information Technology category! 

champions 2023 winner logo

This recognition is a true testament to the dedication and hard work of our team. As a small business ourselves, we understand the challenges that come with running a business, and we’re honored to receive this award that highlights our commitment to providing exceptional service and support to other small businesses across Australia.

This award serves as a reminder to all small businesses that with hard work, perseverance, and the right tools and support, you can achieve great things.

person working on making a key in a workshop

Running a small business is no easy feat. There are numerous challenges that entrepreneurs face daily, such as managing finances, creating a brand, developing a marketing strategy, hiring employees, and navigating the legal and regulatory landscape. However, there are also countless rewards that come with the journey of entrepreneurship, such as the freedom to pursue your passions, the ability to control your destiny, and the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on your customers, employees, and community.

At Triumph Business Systems, we understand the unique challenges that small businesses face, and we’re committed to helping them overcome these obstacles and achieve their goals.

We are continually developing and extending the capabilities of our software in order to empower businesses of all sizes and across all industries to unleash innovation and growth. – Michael Macliver, Triumph Business Systems co-founder and Managing Director

A Package containing 47 individual modules, our fully integrated and flexible ERP solution is designed to streamline operations and increase efficiency, allowing businesses to focus on what they do best – serving their customers and growing their business. Our solution provides a wide range of features, such as accounting and financial management, inventory management, sales and purchase management, CRM, project management, manufacturing management, and much more.

One of the key benefits of our ERP solution is that it enables businesses to eliminate manual processes, such as data entry and inventory tracking, which are prone to errors and inefficiencies. By automating these processes, businesses can save time and reduce costs, allowing them to invest more resources into growing their business. In addition, our solution provides real-time visibility into business operations, allowing owners and managers to make informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information.

programmer working in a car factory

Another benefit of our ERP solution is that it’s fully customizable and scalable, meaning it can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each business. Whether you’re a small start-up or a large enterprise, our solution can be configured to meet your unique requirements. We understand that every business is different, and we’re committed to working with our clients to develop solutions that fit their needs and budget.

At Triumph Business Systems, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and support. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to helping our clients achieve success and overcome challenges. We believe that our success is directly tied to the success of our clients, and we’re committed to going above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction. With a dedicated team of nine professionals who are focused on continual software development, outstanding customer service, including a 24-hour helpline and regular information bulletins.

We’re honored to receive the Australian Small Business Champion Award for 2023 in the Information Technology category, and we’re committed to using this recognition as a platform to inspire and support other small businesses across Australia. We believe that with hard work, perseverance, and the right tools and support, anything is possible.

If you’re a small business owner looking to streamline your operations, increase efficiency, and achieve your goals, we encourage you to reach out to us today to learn more about how our ERP solution can help you grow and succeed.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you on your journey to success!

Let us help you automate your business!

5 Reasons why ERP leads to Growth

People working on ERP system

As accessibility to digital technology grows exponentially each year, Digital Transformation has become the key for many organisations looking to compete in a global market that is in a continuous state of change. With a market value of $43 Billion in 2020, the ERP market is predicted to reach $117 Billion by 2030 with a consistent CAGR of 10% annually.

All in one Management tool for Growing Organisations

The key to managing any growing organisation is through a centralised perspective, there is no other highly effective tool that offers amazing utility to organisations like an ERP system. An ERP system is able to manage a multitude of key business functions under one central but integrated system that is accessible to key stakeholders within the organisation.

The reason why ERP systems are used across various industries from healthcare to manufacturing is due to their automated centralised structure that securely manages a rich variety of data from various business functions like CRM, HR, Business Intelligence, Inventory, and so on. This data is not only organised but can be further simplified into visual analytical reports that give key stakeholders on areas they can improve for the business.

Here are 5 Reasons why ERP leads to Growth:

1. Incredible ROI

Happy Businessman due to digital transformation

Yes, Implementing an ERP system can be costly, but that’s only at the start of your Digital Transformation journey. When implementing an ERP system, instead of looking at the immediate future for results, you should be looking at the next decade, as technology is being constantly updated, you would want an ERP system that is highly modular and run by a dedicated team like Triumph.

Here’s why you can expect an incredible ROI with an ERP system in the future:

As an ERP system is a centralised point of information, staff are able to utilise their time more efficiently. Instead of spending money on training staff on various systems and them wasting time to look for a piece of information across several systems, an ERP system greatly simplifies this process. Spend less time and money by training your staff on one system, and they in turn can spend more time on helping your business, instead of being information detectives.

2. Rich Analytics

Rich analytics reports due to digital transformation

With an ERP system being a centralised information database, this means it’s an incredibly rich resource as a business intelligence tool, that is highly functional for developing various reports that would otherwise take days to compile to just mere minutes, additionally ERP solutions like Triumph, provide visual dashboards for data that key stakeholders can access and make informed business decisions for the future of your organisation. 

What does this mean for your organisation?

Spending less time compiling information from various software, mean you are able to make informed decisions for your organisation quickly. This is more important than ever especially in an increasingly competitive global market, digital transformation through ERP implementation is key to keeping up or going further than the competition. The key is quick, valuable, and secure data that is automated into visualised reports that are understandable to key stakeholders within your organisation. 

3. Increased Customer Satisfaction

Happy customer due to digital transformation

Offering goods and services with the needs of the consumer in mind is the best method to increase customer happiness. There are several ways that ERP offers this. Firstly, most enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems come with or can be easily connected with a customer relationship management (CRM) solution. Your CRM gets access to data from all corporate operations thanks to an ERP.

An integrated CRM can provide facts like order history and invoice information in addition to contact information. This enables your team to view your clients more holistically and comprehend their needs and wants better. Your sales strategy for improved lead generation is formulated with the support of the increased client visibility.

4. Simplify Compliance and Risk Management across your business

Appropriate level of risk averse due to data from digital transformation

Staying on top of everything while your business continues to grow can be messy and confusing, especially when you start providing your business on a statewide or global scale. Challenges just don’t stop at supply and logistics, they can start with complying with cybersecurity, HR and even environmental regulations, these rules can impact a growing business in unfamiliar territory

ERP solutions are made with these regulations in mind, helping you to keep your business operations in check, this includes auditing and recording tax obligations for example. Simplifying this process through such an automated system not only saves you an incredible amount of time and unnecessary stress but also money, money you can spend back into your business

Managing risk without data can be stressful, leading to uninformed decisions on future business operations, this is where an ERP system comes in. An ERP solution provides financial management through data analysis, meaning less accounting errors and more accurate and dependable information. Furthermore, having a high level of financial managements helps you reach deadlines, secure budgets and continue plans for product/service development

5. Synergistic Production Planning and Resource Management

Resource management due to Digital Transformation

ERP oversees manufacturing in addition to inventory management. Moreover, an ERP system offers insight into every aspect of manufacturing, including shop floor operations. This gives users, your employees the ability to maximise capacity by optimising production schedules, machinery, and labour.

Your Bill of Materials (BOM) and fixed assets are also managed by ERP. Users may simply create and amend BOMs with this software, and they can also keep track of all past changes. Fixed asset management enables users to plan equipment maintenance to minimise unplanned downtime, enhancing your profitability and connections with your supplier chain.


If you choose the proper solution, the value of ERP far overcomes the initial expense, time, and effort required for implementation. For further details on features and functionalities, implementation objectives, and queries, see Triumph

If you do sufficiently thorough study and give it enough thought, you’ll discover ERP uses that offer all the advantages mentioned above, which will help you understand why ERP is crucial for a company.

The First Step to Digital Transformation

Billion Dollar Tax Break for SMEs

Tax Break for SMEs

It’s a great time for small businesses looking to start their digital transformation journey. With an increasing number of SMEs gaining growth through utilising business software and exposure through building an online presence, the federal government has implemented tax breaks in order to not only help businesses still recovering from the pandemic but also recognise the vital importance of a digital economy as the primary key to unlocking Australia’s economic future.

As part of the federal government’s 2030 Digital Economy Strategy, SME digitalisation through digital adoption has been a key factor in increasing profitability and saving time. Giving SMEs an incredible opportunity to change or find a new way to do business.

Covered under the 2022-23 Federal Budget, the government is providing a staggering $1 Billion as part of their 2030 Digital Economy Strategy, through their Technology Investment Boost policy. This will further help support SMEs to adopt digital technology through bonus tax deductions.

$1 Billion Tax Break for SMEs

Moreover, this policy can be further separated into two, (1) Small Business Technology Investment Boost and (2) Small Business Skills and Training Boost

1. Small Business Technology Investment Boost


As an SME if you have an annual turnover of less than $50 million, you can use the Technology Investment Boost policy to get a 120% tax deduction from expenses on digital technology with an annual cap of $100,000 each qualifying income year. Businesses can continue to deduct expenses over $100,000 under existing law.

So how can you claim the ‘Small Business Technology Investment Boost’

Quite simple really, if you have any eligible expenses incurred from July 2022 until 30 June 2023 you can deduct the entire 120% in your 2022-23 tax return

What can you claim under the ‘Small Business Technology Investment Boost’

It depends on whether these depreciating assets and/or services have helped support digital transformation for your business, these include:

The policy will help you to not just invest in new computers, but also encourages you to adopt newer technologies, like a Cloud Based ERP system in an effort to maximise the potential efficiency of your business through automating manual business processes, giving you access to accurate and informative data that can be utilised to make informed business decisions.

2. Small Business Skills and Training Boost


Additionally, as an incentive for you to invest in digital technology, $550 Million from the ‘Technology Investment Boost’ has been allocated towards providing you with the ability to invest and up-skill your employees, making your digital transformation journey easier than ever.

Similar to the Small Business Technology Investment Boost, if your business has an annual turnover of less than $50 million, you can use the policy to get a 120% tax deduction from expenses related to training courses for your employees.

So how can you claim the ‘Small Business Skills and Training Boost’

Quite simple really, if you have any eligible expenses incurred before June 30 2022 and you have claimed as usual in your 2021-22 tax return, you can claim an additional 120% for this period in your 2022-2023 tax return.

What can you claim under the ‘Small Business Skills and Training Boost’

You can claim any sort of external training, but the training must be registered by an Australian entity/entities. Expenses incurred due to In-house/On-the-job training however not included.

This will help you to invest more in upskilling your employees and if needed train new employees aswell, especially with use of any new technologies you have invested in. If you are currently trying to start your digital transformation journey with an ERP system, you will need to train your employees to make the implementation process a success.

To make this process easier, we at Triumph have partnered with CA Management to give your employees a monthly opportunity on how to use our proprietary and highly secure business software to help your business grow (For more info or to book your place please call 9470 9922 or email; support@caman.com.au).

The Digital Transformation Journey with Triumph ERP

Triumph ERP logo

The term Digital Transformation is used quite often as a buzzword with no clarity on what it is or the steps you can take to implement it, as part of your overall digital strategy. In layman’s terms, Digital Transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of your company, to streamline and improve traditional business processes, a transformative step that changes how your company operates and delivers value to your customers.

Knowing where, when and how to start can be stressful and often confusing, not just for you but also the internal stakeholders who are the forefront of operations in your company.

Ensure, internal stakeholders understand why your business requires such a transformation, how it would help the future of your company and your customers needs.

Remember that planning a Digital Transformation with an ERP implementation requires you to look at not where the business will be in a year, but in a decade’s time. This requires you to pick an innovative ERP system that not only offers integration but is also scalable in the future as your business grows

An All in One Enterprise Resource Planning Solution

Triumph ERP offers a modern and customisable enterprise resource planning solution that enables you to run all the business processes within your organisation on one simple-to-use system.

Improve your financial controls and operational efficiency while keeping costs low with our comprehensive, fully integrated, and flexible design.

Designed for small and medium-sized businesses that have outgrown their basic accounting software, our ERP system doesn’t just handle the traditional accounting and bookkeeping functions – it takes a whole-of-enterprise approach to monitoring, controlling, and automating all your business processes.

Triumph ERP software is built upon a modular design, allowing it to be customised and scaled to suit needs, regardless of your industry. With the unparalleled ability to add on modules and users, Triumph ERP is the most capable and affordable entry level ERP software on the market today.

All 36 Triumph modules link together seamlessly to share data and information, creating a comprehensive and fully integrated system designed to maximise efficiency and empower better business decisions.

Whether you are looking for Core Financial, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Job Costing, Information Intelligence, or anything in between, Triumph ERP has the features you need to save you time and money.


With these new measures brought on by the federal government, not only do you have an incentive to upskill employees but you can upskill them in software than can help you reach the true potential of your business.

There’s no better time than now to start your digital transformation journey!

An ERP solution like Triumph is highly beneficial for you as a small business owner, it has the ability to give you an overview of not just the supply chain but also your whole business, streamlining various facets of your business into a visualized dashboard that empowers you to make decisions on the fly or make decisions that can have a positive impact on your company’s growth, accompanied by taking the next step in your digital transformation journey

6 Ways Cloud ERP can save you Time and Money

Cloud ERP Saving Money

In a global market experiencing rising cost pressures due to inflation, it’s important to look at how your organisation’s infrastructure is built from the ground up, in an effort to cut costs, and still manage to keep your company profitable in the long term by switching to a Cloud ERP solution.

If you have already subscribed to a legacy ERP system that only offers on premise, it might be time to change. With cloud technology kicking off for the past 5 years, it has become more secure, more reliable and furthermore much less expensive for businesses of all shapes and sizes to adapt. 

Switching to a Cloud ERP system is much more cost effective and efficient compared to having on premise systems, here are some key areas where you will be able to save compared to on premise system:

Licensing Fees

Licensing Fees Meeting for Cloud ERP

With a cloud solution you can operate an ERP solution almost immediately without investing in upfront operational costs at the start especially when purchasing the software. Cloud solutions help with cash flow planning and management for small businesses much easier at a lower costs.

Hardware & Servers Costs

Hardware and Server Upgrades for Cloud ERP

With a cloud ERP solution, spending money on manually hosting your solution through your own servers and on top of that, having an IT team to maintain the hardware and software, is really a thing of the past. As a cloud solution is already hosted and taken care of by a team of specialists, your operational costs are much lower. Not to mention upgrades are almost instant and since it’s covered by your Cloud ERP solution this forgoes any additional upgrade costs.

System Maintenance and Upgrades

Cloud ERP

With on premise solutions, upgrades can be quite costly and furthermore can get complicated as on premise solutions usually require an IT team to implement the software as well as maintaining the solution on a daily basis. Switching to a Cloud solution means the providers of the service are solely responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the system (including upgrades), this cuts costs financially but also time-wise as updates are quicker and automatic.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


Tailoring your Cloud ERP solution for your business

Any growing business needs a degree of flexibility with their ERP solution as they take on more complex business processes. While an on premise solution can be modified to an extent, they are still linked to existing software code that can get wiped when the system is upgraded, then you have the IT costs to re-implement the customisations one more time. Cloud ERP solutions offer you more flexibility as when software upgrades it does not affect your base code. Similar to Triumph Cloud, you can add and remove modules as you see fit for your business. 


Measuring in terms of services for Cloud ERP

Scaling your business means scaling your ERP solution aswell, as processes get more complex your ERP system is going to need more hardware and infrastructure to run, this can be costly especially with On Premise solutions. Whereas a Cloud ERP solution can be scaled up or down depending on your business, giving you the option to only pay for the functionality you require for your business, saving you costly infrastructure costs that are covered by your Cloud ERP provider.

Let’s Sum It Up

Cloud ERP solutions offer your business consistent regular updates, upgrades, lower upfront and operating costs, improved usability, and importantly disaster recovery (as the data is stored outside the business). A Cloud ERP solution is super beneficial for a growing business without being anchored by a costly On Premise solution. Overheads such as infrastructure, hardware and installation costs are all dramatically reduced for companies using cloud-based ERP systems.

Implementing a cloud-based ERP such as Triumph Cloud, has many financial advantages. Your ERP system changes from a capital cost into an ongoing operating cost, preventing the need for large-scale capital upfront.

While a cloud ERP may include initial setup costs and training, you can achieve economies of scale much faster compared to on-site infrastructure. Cost-effectiveness is one of the major reasons businesses are choosing to move to a cloud ERP, rather than stick with an on-site system.


Cloud ERP solutions offer companies some powerful benefits such as agility, better security, lower costs, and flexibility. They remove the difficulty of maintaining and updating systems, enabling companies to make a move and invest their time, money, and resources into fulfilling their fundamental business strategies rather than focusing on the maintenance of IT infrastructure.

Triumph 6.2 Release: Nine amazing new features to help your business thrive

Are you ready for a new release

If you’re a business owner or manager, you’ll know all about the benefits of maintaining technology. It is imperative for businesses keep up with enhancements, because the reality is, that if your company is dealing with outdated systems, you may may be missing out on business opportunities. This is why Triumph Business Systems has been working hard at improving Triumph ERP, and after nearly two years of hard work, we wish to introduce to you the latest version of our software.

Triumph 6.2!

This latest version of our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software will offer you newfound abilities, and introduce you to newly requested business modules which can make managing your small or medium-size business so much easier and will encourage your business to thrive in 2020.

This update is by far the most comprehensive and powerful version released to date and we are excited for you to try it.

To help you learn more about what is available with the latest update, we have listed our top nine features of Triumph 6.2, and show you how this software is beneficial to your business.

Pro Tip: Already got Triumph 6.2 and want to master its capabilities? Check out our What’s New Document and take control of your business.

1.  Take steps to becoming a paperless office with Documents on Transactions

paperless for 6.2

Triumph ERP now has the ability to attach documents to various transactions and optionally email them with the business form, thus removing the need to keep a paper copy. This ability allows you to link documents to transactions and is a fantastic new feature that will assist you in becoming a paperless office. Transactions which now have the ability to attach documents include:

  • Debtor Invoice
  • Debtor Batch Invoice
  • Sales Orders and Quotes
  • Creditor Invoice
  • Purchase Order Invoice
  • Purchase Order Progress Invoice
  • Purchase Order Combined Invoice
  • Request Managed Stock
  • Receipt Managed Stock
  • Bank Reconciliation.

2.  Save yourself time by making your system work while you rest with Background Task Scheduler

background task for 6.2

To help you save time with your reporting, it’s background task scheduler to the rescue. Background Task Scheduler is the new option where you specify all the things you want to run in the background. By using the background task scheduler, you can instantly gain the ability to run key reports overnight and have them automatically emailed to you and your team ready to review each morning, or at the start of the week.

3.  Keep track of your supplier purchase order invoices by parking them until the goods have arrived

online payment for 6.2

In many environments, you often receive the invoice separately from the goods, and often before you’ve actually received the goods. Think of a head office with multiple branches. You can check to see if the goods have been receipted first, and if not, put the invoice in a pile to be dealt with later. Then at some point someone has to go through the pile of invoices and see if they can now be invoiced. This becomes very time consuming and inefficient. We now allow you to enter these invoices, and park them until the goods have been received. You can then release them as required. A parked invoice does not create an invoice against the creditor or post any General Ledger journals. This does not happen until it’s released.

4.  Expand your payment processing options by taking Online Credit Card Payments, i.e. no EFTPOS reader required

credit card payment for 6.2

We now have the ability to process credit card payment in Triumph without using an EFTPOS reader. This is extremely handy when taking orders over the phone, or a customer is paying their account over the phone by credit card. The same technology is used in both the main Triumph program, as well as in eCommerce, where customers can also pay their accounts online.

5.  Improve and broaden your online eCommerce store presence and connect with your end consumer market


The eCommerce module is one of the key areas that has had significant changes. Firstly, as well as our web shop supporting Business to Business (B2B), we now also support a Business to Consumer (B2C) interface. This means that you can optionally sell direct to the public, with the purchaser not requiring a debtor account with you. This will allow anyone to visit your online web shop, place orders, and pay for them, i.e. they do not need an account or to log in. Again, this requires a suitable Online Merchant Account.

6.  Notify your customers via SMS and email when their goods are ready for collection with Pickup Notifications


Keep in touch with your customers during every step of their purchase and automatically notify customers by email or SMS when goods are ready for collection. If you would prefer to contact your customers in person, then fear not, the system can also create a phone list if you prefer to talk to them in person.

7.  Conquer all your freight management needs with a seamless, automated integration to Starshipit


Triumph ERP 6.2 now has a seamless integration with Starshipit, a leading Australian cloud-based freight management and tracking software. Based on your preferred carriers and rules, Starshipit will give you a live postage rate, book the courier pickup, and print delivery labels, manifests and any required customs documentation. It also updates your Triumph sales order documents with the carrier and consignment note number. Consignment note numbers and carries can be automatically update in Triumph’s latest version 6.2.

8.  Manage your supplier credit requests with the new Request for Credit half module


Requests for Credit is a new half module exclusive to our new version of Triumph ERP 6.2. This half-module allows you to keep track of supplier credit requests. Staffs have the ability to raise Pending Requests, which can be then processed into Requests for Credit, or alternatively Requests for Credit can be entered directly. Credit Responses, when received from the supplier, can then be entered against the Credit Requests. Anything outstanding can be easily reported on.

Some of the features include:

  • raising a pending request for credit from Point Of Sale Return and Debtor Credit Notes
  • combine multiple pending requests into individual supplier Requests For Credit
  • supplier invoice look up will return invoice number, date and price
  • keeps track of what quantity has already been returned on an invoice
  • enter a return reason for each line
  • email supplier for a return authorisation number (RMA)
  • return to stock or write off stock, if the credit is not provided by the supplier
  • deduct other charges such as freight or restocking fees etc.
  • keep track and preview what credits have been provided so far on an individual request.

9.  Send new job details directly to your service technician’s phones and allocate work priorities, with Job Mobile


As part of the new Job Scheduling module, users can now allocate a job or part of a job to service technicians. This then appears on their phone so they know exactly where they have to go and what they have to do. As well as recording time and materials, they can also take before and after photos, get the customers’ sign off and email it to them as they walk out the door.

Are you ready to upgrade to Triumph 6.2?

If you are already a Triumph member and want to know how to upgrade to Triumph ERP’s fantastic new features, there are two ways to get in touch:

Phone: 1800 653 545

Email: info@triumph.com.au

Triumph ERP wins Digital Innovation Award

Triumph ERP wins digital innovation award 600x228

On Friday the 29th of March at the inaugural 2019 Vic Park Business Awards ceremony Triumph Business Systems, developers of Triumph ERP were one of three nominated in the Business of the Year category as well as being nominated in the prestigious Digital Innovation Award.

Triumph Business Systems were delighted to be recognised as a leading Australian company and for Triumph ERP software and to be announced as the winner of the Digital Innovation Award for 2019 was a strong recognition of the strength of Triumph for small to medium businesses.

Award caps triumphant year for innovative software developer

The ceremony celebrated and recognised commitment to excellence. The Mayor of the Town of Victoria Park, Mayor Trevor Vaughan said the awards had generated an overwhelming response by applicants and community. “The quality of applicants was very high, and the process was highly competitive. “We are very fortunate to be surrounded by so many amazing businesses. My fellow Councillors and I are extremely pleased to formally recognise the positive impact these businesses have on our town.”

Triumph ERP Software wins the Digital Innovation Awards for 2019

Triumph Business Systems won the Digital Innovation Award for their Triumph ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, developed and designed to meet the specific needs of small to medium Australian businesses that have outgrown traditional accounting software.

In accepting the award, Managing Director of Triumph Business Systems Michael MacIiver said the company was delighted to be recognised as one of Australia’s leading innovators in the design of ERP software. “It is extremely gratifying to be able to bring small businesses and midsized organisations affordable advanced business technology often reserved for the big guys in town,” Michael said.

In the last 12 months, Triumph software developers have written and released eight new mobile and web technology-based modules as part of the fully integrated package of 36 modules Triumph ERP 6.1. The new modules included Job Mobile, Inventory Scanning, API Web Services, Proof of Delivery, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), paperless pickings, B2B eCommerce, and B2C eCommerce, giving users the opportunity to incorporate these new technologies into their businesses.

Triumph Business Systems’ aim is to make revolutionary software technology accessible for small and medium-sized businesses. It is certainly meeting this goal with hundreds of Australian customers across a wide range of industries, including government, manufacturing and mining through to wholesale and agribusiess relying on Triumph ERP to power their business.

Victoria Park Business Awards

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