Triumph 6.2 Release: Nine amazing new features to help your business thrive

Are you ready for a new release

If you’re a business owner or manager, you’ll know all about the benefits of maintaining technology. It is imperative for businesses keep up with enhancements, because the reality is, that if your company is dealing with outdated systems, you may may be missing out on business opportunities. This is why Triumph Business Systems has been working hard at improving Triumph ERP, and after nearly two years of hard work, we wish to introduce to you the latest version of our software.

Triumph 6.2!

This latest version of our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software will offer you newfound abilities, and introduce you to newly requested business modules which can make managing your small or medium-size business so much easier and will encourage your business to thrive in 2020.

This update is by far the most comprehensive and powerful version released to date and we are excited for you to try it.

To help you learn more about what is available with the latest update, we have listed our top nine features of Triumph 6.2, and show you how this software is beneficial to your business.

Pro Tip: Already got Triumph 6.2 and want to master its capabilities? Check out our What’s New Document and take control of your business.

1.  Take steps to becoming a paperless office with Documents on Transactions

paperless for 6.2

Triumph ERP now has the ability to attach documents to various transactions and optionally email them with the business form, thus removing the need to keep a paper copy. This ability allows you to link documents to transactions and is a fantastic new feature that will assist you in becoming a paperless office. Transactions which now have the ability to attach documents include:

  • Debtor Invoice
  • Debtor Batch Invoice
  • Sales Orders and Quotes
  • Creditor Invoice
  • Purchase Order Invoice
  • Purchase Order Progress Invoice
  • Purchase Order Combined Invoice
  • Request Managed Stock
  • Receipt Managed Stock
  • Bank Reconciliation.

2.  Save yourself time by making your system work while you rest with Background Task Scheduler

background task for 6.2

To help you save time with your reporting, it’s background task scheduler to the rescue. Background Task Scheduler is the new option where you specify all the things you want to run in the background. By using the background task scheduler, you can instantly gain the ability to run key reports overnight and have them automatically emailed to you and your team ready to review each morning, or at the start of the week.

3.  Keep track of your supplier purchase order invoices by parking them until the goods have arrived

online payment for 6.2

In many environments, you often receive the invoice separately from the goods, and often before you’ve actually received the goods. Think of a head office with multiple branches. You can check to see if the goods have been receipted first, and if not, put the invoice in a pile to be dealt with later. Then at some point someone has to go through the pile of invoices and see if they can now be invoiced. This becomes very time consuming and inefficient. We now allow you to enter these invoices, and park them until the goods have been received. You can then release them as required. A parked invoice does not create an invoice against the creditor or post any General Ledger journals. This does not happen until it’s released.

4.  Expand your payment processing options by taking Online Credit Card Payments, i.e. no EFTPOS reader required

credit card payment for 6.2

We now have the ability to process credit card payment in Triumph without using an EFTPOS reader. This is extremely handy when taking orders over the phone, or a customer is paying their account over the phone by credit card. The same technology is used in both the main Triumph program, as well as in eCommerce, where customers can also pay their accounts online.

5.  Improve and broaden your online eCommerce store presence and connect with your end consumer market

The eCommerce module is one of the key areas that has had significant changes. Firstly, as well as our web shop supporting Business to Business (B2B), we now also support a Business to Consumer (B2C) interface. This means that you can optionally sell direct to the public, with the purchaser not requiring a debtor account with you. This will allow anyone to visit your online web shop, place orders, and pay for them, i.e. they do not need an account or to log in. Again, this requires a suitable Online Merchant Account.

6.  Notify your customers via SMS and email when their goods are ready for collection with Pickup Notifications

Keep in touch with your customers during every step of their purchase and automatically notify customers by email or SMS when goods are ready for collection. If you would prefer to contact your customers in person, then fear not, the system can also create a phone list if you prefer to talk to them in person.

7.  Conquer all your freight management needs with a seamless, automated integration to Starshipit

Triumph ERP 6.2 now has a seamless integration with Starshipit, a leading Australian cloud-based freight management and tracking software. Based on your preferred carriers and rules, Starshipit will give you a live postage rate, book the courier pickup, and print delivery labels, manifests and any required customs documentation. It also updates your Triumph sales order documents with the carrier and consignment note number. Consignment note numbers and carries can be automatically update in Triumph’s latest version 6.2.

8.  Manage your supplier credit requests with the new Request for Credit half module

Requests for Credit is a new half module exclusive to our new version of Triumph ERP 6.2. This half-module allows you to keep track of supplier credit requests. Staffs have the ability to raise Pending Requests, which can be then processed into Requests for Credit, or alternatively Requests for Credit can be entered directly. Credit Responses, when received from the supplier, can then be entered against the Credit Requests. Anything outstanding can be easily reported on.

Some of the features include:

  • raising a pending request for credit from Point Of Sale Return and Debtor Credit Notes
  • combine multiple pending requests into individual supplier Requests For Credit
  • supplier invoice look up will return invoice number, date and price
  • keeps track of what quantity has already been returned on an invoice
  • enter a return reason for each line
  • email supplier for a return authorisation number (RMA)
  • return to stock or write off stock, if the credit is not provided by the supplier
  • deduct other charges such as freight or restocking fees etc.
  • keep track and preview what credits have been provided so far on an individual request.

9.  Send new job details directly to your service technician’s phones and allocate work priorities, with Job Mobile

As part of the new Job Scheduling module, users can now allocate a job or part of a job to service technicians. This then appears on their phone so they know exactly where they have to go and what they have to do. As well as recording time and materials, they can also take before and after photos, get the customers’ sign off and email it to them as they walk out the door.

Are you ready to upgrade to Triumph 6.2?

If you are already a Triumph member and want to know how to upgrade to Triumph ERP’s fantastic new features, there are two ways to get in touch:

Phone: 1800 653 545


Triumph ERP wins Digital Innovation Award

On Friday the 29th of March at the inaugural 2019 Vic Park Business Awards ceremony Triumph Business Systems, developers of Triumph ERP were one of three nominated in the Business of the Year category as well as being nominated in the prestigious Digital Innovation Award.

Triumph Business Systems were delighted to be recognised as a leading Australian company and for Triumph ERP software and to be announced as the winner of the Digital Innovation Award for 2019 was a strong recognition of the strength of Triumph for small to medium businesses.

Award caps triumphant year for innovative software developer

The ceremony celebrated and recognised commitment to excellence. The Mayor of the Town of Victoria Park, Mayor Trevor Vaughan said the awards had generated an overwhelming response by applicants and community. “The quality of applicants was very high, and the process was highly competitive. “We are very fortunate to be surrounded by so many amazing businesses. My fellow Councillors and I are extremely pleased to formally recognise the positive impact these businesses have on our town.”

Triumph ERP Software wins the Digital Innovation Awards for 2019

Triumph Business Systems won the Digital Innovation Award for their Triumph ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, developed and designed to meet the specific needs of small to medium Australian businesses that have outgrown traditional accounting software.

In accepting the award, Managing Director of Triumph Business Systems Michael MacIiver said the company was delighted to be recognised as one of Australia’s leading innovators in the design of ERP software. “It is extremely gratifying to be able to bring small businesses and midsized organisations affordable advanced business technology often reserved for the big guys in town,” Michael said.

In the last 12 months, Triumph software developers have written and released eight new mobile and web technology-based modules as part of the fully integrated package of 36 modules Triumph ERP 6.1. The new modules included Job Mobile, Inventory Scanning, API Web Services, Proof of Delivery, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), paperless pickings, B2B eCommerce, and B2C eCommerce, giving users the opportunity to incorporate these new technologies into their businesses.

Triumph Business Systems’ aim is to make revolutionary software technology accessible for small and medium-sized businesses. It is certainly meeting this goal with hundreds of Australian customers across a wide range of industries, including government, manufacturing and mining through to wholesale and agribusiess relying on Triumph ERP to power their business.

Victoria Park Business Awards

DAPCON is the event for DataFlex users and developers.

Once a year, within the Asia Pacific region, DataFlex developers and users attend the DataFlex Asia Pacific ConferenceDAPCON”. They come to get up to speed with the latest functionality of DataFlex products, exchange ideas, participate in training and have a great time. The conference is generously supported by Data access Worldwide.

DAPCON 2019, is being held in September from the 11th to the 14th at Melbourne, Australia. The conference is being held at the Adina Hotel, right in the heart of Melbourne! The venue is located on Queen Street, close to Emporium, Melbourne Central, China Town, National Gallery of Victoria and the Bourke St Mall. The four-day event will be comprised of two days of training and two days of technical conference sessions. The conference will predominantly focus on Visual DataFlex and Web Application server.

Training & Conference: DataFlex Asia Pacific ConferenceDAPCON”

Where: Adina Apartment Hotel, 189 Queen St Melbourne
Format: 2-day conference followed by 1½ days training
When: Wednesday 11th to Saturday 14th September 2019

To receive updates about DataFlex Asia Pacific Conference please join the “DataFlex Developers & Users Group” mailing list. DDUG’s mailing list. All current information for the event can be found on the DDUG  Website:


What our DDUG members are saying about the DataFlex Asia Pacific Conference DAPCON

Triumph Business Systems; Developers of Triumph ERP Software Michael Macliver – Managing Director –

For serious DataFlex developers there is no better forum in Australasia, for gaining knowledge and exchanging ideas, than the DDUG’s annual conference. Group members are always keen to help fellow developers, with many great friendships being made along the way. The added benefit of being able to meet face to face with technical staff from Data Access is a real bonus. Even coming from Perth, the return on investment has made it an easy decision for us to attending every conference since the DDUG started.

MediFlex Pty Ltd Phil Kirby – Managing Director –

The DataFlex Developers and Users Group has been an extremely valuable vehicle in supporting the DataFlex community in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. Primarily through its annual conference  opportunities exist for developers and users to gather together to learn, exchange and assist with all things DataFlex. The continued involvement and support of Data Access Worldwide and Data Access Asia Pacific has also been a key factor in keeping us all up to date with the latest in the DataFlex world

Matt Smith

My first experience with DDUG came when I attended the event in Warriewood over 10 years ago.  I had only had a couple of months experience in DataFlex at that time, and since then have gone on to not only become an expert in the language, but also forged many great friendships in DataFlex community, both in Australia & New Zealand, as well as the rest of the world!

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Whats New – November 2018 Edition

Since the release of Triumph ERP Software 6.1 early this year, the Triumph Business Systems team have been working hard to ensure that the latest version of Triumph ERP lives up to expectation. With the latest technological design, new modules, and countless new features, 6.1 is one of the most advanced ERP software solutions on the market today.

New Modules

With technology advancing at the speed of lighting, it’s hard to keep up with the latest trends, let alone implement them into business. But don’t fret. We have done all the hard work for you and introduced four new modules to our software package. They are:

  • Job Mobility
  • Inventory Scanning
  • Web Services
  • Proof of Delivery


All modules incorporate mobile technology – the latest trend sweeping the business world. Mobile technology can streamline workflows, improve data accuracy, and speed physical inventory and cycle counts, among other benefits.

New Features We Are Working On

  • Cash flow statements for General Ledger and Bank Reconciliation
  • Bank feeds for General Ledger and Bank Reconciliation
  • PayPal payment for eCommerce module
  • Integrated calculator
  • Inventory scanning of purchase order goods receipts
  • ATO taxable payments reporting

What is ERP Software

Bigger clients are making the move to a more integrated software ERP solution.

ERP is an industry acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning. But what does that actually mean? Broadly speaking, ERP software is a platform that enables the automation and integration of a company’s core business processes. This include the core accounting, job management, inventory management, etc. In order to do this, ERP systems need to be sophisticated enough to have a complete understanding of all the aspects of the business. This is why ERP systems are generally considered the ‘next step up’ from basic accounting systems such as QuickBooks, Xero and MYOB.

The goal of ERP software is to ensure your company is successful. It is designed based on three essential fundamentals: integration, flexibility, and functionality. Let’s talk about what each of these foundations means for your business, and how it can add value to your business.


Many small businesses buy entry-level systems to manage their core financial and purchase add-ons for more specific business requirements. However, as the business grows, you may find that you rely on several different pieces of software to maintain the day-to-day running of the business.

With an ERP system, there is no need to deal with messy add-ons or spreadsheets, as it integrates all areas of business in one, easy to use system. This saves you time and effort as the bulk of the work is done by the core ERP package. ERP software allows for simpler management of business processes, whilst improving functionality with a more powerful reporting and improved business automation.


While basic systems can restrict the growth of a business, ERP software is designed to be flexible in order to accommodate the needs of a business now and into the future. With an ERP system you can take advantage of the modular design that allows the software to grow with your business, and incorporate comprehensive functionality that can be modified to suit your needs. A key benefit of a modular design is that you can turn on and off modules as you require them. For example, perhaps you start exporting your product overseas, and decide to add a Foreign Debtors module to your software suite, or perhaps you decide to move your business online and require an E-Commerce module. This allows the ERP system to grow at the same speed as the business, keeping costs in perspective.


As a result of the integrated and flexible modular design, ERP systems today are functionally rich. With the ability to turn on and off modules and functions to suit the needs of the business, ERP software will never be too complex or simple to use. Furthermore, the streamlining of processes and information across the entire business will add functionality to day-to-day activities. The full integration of key areas will allow you to see the ‘big picture’, rather than having to examine each section individually when making important business decisions.

Full integration means that each area of the system speaks to each other. This provides greater detail and functionality with more powerful reporting and improved business automation. ERP software is specifically designed to help your business grow, step by step, function by function. This provides many valuable benefits such as the ability to automate certain business processes. For example the reordering of stock, running multiple branches as autonomous businesses, or getting consolidated reports at the push of a button.

Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Upgrading your business management software to an ERP system may seem like a daunting task. However, if you arm yourself with the right information you will be on your way to a successful software upgrade. To evaluate what issues and processes you need to consider, and learn how to take the first steps to the next level with an ERP solution, click the download button below for our no obligation Triumph Business Systems white paper on “Taking Your Business to The Next Level”, and take the first step to help your business grow.

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