What is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)?

what is ERP

When your business is growing, it can become difficult to keep everything running smoothly (or profitably!), and can feel as though you are just chasing your own tail as you jump between various programs just to try and keep everything on track.

Through the use of an ERP system however, you can bring all your business processes together, and gain the ability for data to move easily throughout the system. With the ability to collect your organisation’s shared data form a variety of sources, ERP systems can eliminate data duplication and provide data integrity with a single source of certainty. With this ability, you are no longer making staff maintain separate databases and spreadsheets that have to be manually merged to generate reports, and can help streamline the process and improve data visibility when it comes to financing and business management.

So, in a world where we continue to rely on technology being connected everywhere we go, and the internet of things (IoT) becoming the norm, companies have found a necessity of having a cohesive location for their business information, eliminating the need to transfer data between programs or departments.

But what exactly is an ERP system, and how can its capabilities benefit your business?


What is ERP?

 An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, is a solution that helps businesses manage their entire backend processes. This includes everything from the finance and accounting side, to procurement, inventory, and supply chains- just to name a few. Simply put, ERP is a centralised program from which all the essential functions of a business can be run.

Many ERP systems come in all shapes and sizes, with some like Triumph ERP offering customisable options tailored to suit your business needs, so regardless of what industry your business is in, there will be an ERP system to help you manage your business.


What does an ERP system do exactly?

ERP systems offer a number of uses for all kinds of businesses, but essentially, the ERP system is used to keep all of the crucial data and information from your business in one place, ensuring that everything you need to run your business smoothly is safe, organised, easily accessible, and fully intergrated. When you set up an ERP system for your business, you will only need the single program to keep track of all the moving parts within your organisation- no more misplaced spreadsheets! -and gives you a complete picture of the who, what, where, when, why, and how of the day-to-day operations of your business.


How can an ERP system benefit my business?

 Not only can an effective ERP system help you improve business efficiency, but it can also help you make better business decisions for the future.

For a business to improve, transparency within the operations of the business is important. With the capabilities of an ERP system, you can shine a clear light on all aspects of your operations and gain a clear overview of your business, and understand how you could be doing things more efficiently. This will also assist you in making informed, financially sound decisions- which can be difficult when you don’t have the full picture.

Here are just some of the ways ERP can benefit your business:

  • Track your business resources: Gain a better understanding of cash spending, raw materials, personnel, production and more.
  • Understand consumer behaviour: ERP systems can collect the required data so you can analyse behaviourisms, allowing you to see what is effective, what may not be working so well, or even how you can improve product movements.
  • Manage the flow of information: Centralise your data to one main location for easy access for yourself and your staff.
  • Control the costs recorded against jobs and service functions within your business.
  • Estimate, charge-out and bill time and material costs which are raised by a particular job or client.
  • Know the progress of each job: quickly and easily know what has been completed, what materials are being shipped, and more in the one convenient location.


Do I need an ERP system?

Not every business may find ERP systems suitable, however, if you have recently had growth within your business, or plan on growing it soon, or perhaps you just want to find a way to organise and improve your workflow, then perhaps and ERP system could be the answer.

Perhaps you don’t need an ERP system at the moment, but have future plans to increase and improve your business model, it’s important to know that it’s much easier to put the necessary infrastructure in place now, rather than try to implement an ERP system when you’re struggling to keep up with demand. ERP systems such as Triumph ERP for example, are not only scalable, but also customisable, so you can be confident about the system expanding when you need it to.

If you already have software in place such as Xero or MYOB and you feel that it does the job you need it to do well, then perhaps you don’t need to transition to a ERP system yet, however it is important to address that there are a few key signs that may be telling you that your business may benefit from stepping up to an ERP system.

Firstly, you may find that your current software doesn’t seem to be keeping up with the growth of your business without additional plug-ins or updates. Although additional plug-ins to software can help you gain a new avenue for data collecting and reporting and hold off an upgrade for a while longer, it is important to understand that with the more plug-ins you add to software like Xero or MYOB, the more locations your data can be sent to, causing various information to be spread out over various locations, rather than formulated in one secure location.

Secondly, your business may have recently gone through a merger or acquisition process. This can cause a dramatic change to business operations, as well as a potential increase of consignments. With the new changes leading to increased data, the recording of information collected simultaneously can avoid confusion through the use of an ERP system.

If you still feel that there is still no room for improvement in the way you operate your business, then chances are you may not need to invest in an ERP system. However, with ERP becoming popular with businesses for their fully-integrated finance and business capabilities, the chances are that your competitor could already be using ERP software.

Sure, no one said that making the most of a fully integrated ERP system would make running a business a walk in the park, but what it will do is help you manage all levels of your business from one secure location, creating ease for your business management needs.



Optimising Infrastructure: A Comprehensive Approach to ERP and Fixed Asset Management

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have become indispensable tools for businesses looking to streamline their operations and improve efficiency. One key aspect of ERP that is often overlooked but critical for many companies is fixed asset management. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems have become instrumental for businesses looking to streamline and improve operational efficiency across the board.

Additionally, ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning systems) play a crucial role in integrating various business functions and processes within an organization. These systems help streamline operations, improve efficiency, and provide a centralized platform for managing data and information.

By consolidating different departments such as finance, human resources, supply chain, and customer service into one cohesive system, ERP systems enable better decision-making and resource allocation. With features like real-time data updates, analytics, and reporting tools, ERP systems empower businesses to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced market environment. Businesses that implement ERP systems often experience increased productivity, cost savings, and overall business growth.

What is Fixed Asset Management?

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Fixed assets are any sort of capital such as buildings, machinery, vehicles, and equipment that play a signification role in helping operational output. Having an effective management system for these assets is essential for maximizing their value and ensuring you meet regulatory standards.

ERP solutions are highly beneficial as they offer a central platform where stakeholders can manage and track properties such as asset acquisitions, depreciation, maintenance, and disposal. By integrating fixed asset management into their ERP system, businesses can gain real-time visibility into the status and condition of their assets, leading to better decision-making and cost control. Additionally, ERP systems can automate many aspects of fixed asset management, such as calculating depreciation expenses and generating asset reports, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

Moreover, ERP solutions with a fixed asset module effectively help businesses adhere to accounting standards and regulations. By maintaining accurate records of asset values, depreciation schedules, and disposals, companies can ensure transparency and accountability in their financial reporting.

This can be especially important for businesses operating in industries with strict regulatory requirements, such as manufacturing or utilities. Overall, integrating fixed asset management into an ERP system can lead to improved operational efficiency, better financial management, and enhanced compliance for businesses of all sizes.

Triumph’s Fixed Asset Module

fixed assets

The integration of fixed asset management into an ERP system can bring a multitude of benefits to businesses. From improving operational efficiency and financial management to enhancing compliance with regulations, ERP systems serve as powerful tools for businesses of all sizes.

By leveraging the capabilities of ERP systems for fixed asset management, companies such as yours can optimize the value of your assets, make informed decisions continually, and ensure long-term sustainability within an ever evolving business landscape.

Triumph’s Fixed Assets module can run stand alone, or it can be integrated with Triumph’s General Ledger. Or, through an interface, with the General Ledger of other popular accounting software. It is also available in single user or multi-user configurations.

  • Service/testing information can be maintained on an asset component
  • Asset Scanning designed to run on a PDA scanner or smart phone
  • Asset Service Schedule/ Report, automatically emailed to a service manager at the start of every month
  • Detailed asset information storage
  • Component asset categorization
  • Complete transaction audit for each asset
  • Asset movement monitoring
  • Asset disposal options
  • Multi-Location Asset stocktaking
  • Use of asset images to better track and recognise assets
  • CPI table for accurate reporting of capital gains
  • Flexible asset management
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Pool lower value assets as per the ATO’s (Australian Taxation Office) ruling.

Click here for detailed information on the features of our ‘Fixed Assets’ module

People Having a Business Meeting in the Office

Our Fixed Assets module not only simplifies the tracking and management of your company’s fixed assets but also enhances financial reporting accuracy. By automating the processes of depreciation calculation, asset valuation, and disposal management, our fixed assets module minimizes the potential for human error and ensures compliance with accounting standards. This is crucial for organizations aiming to maintain clear visibility over their financial health and asset lifecycle management.

For businesses looking to optimize their asset management practices, Triumph’s Fixed Assets module offers a robust solution that scales as you grow. Its ability to integrate with other accounting software further underscores its value, enabling a more coherent and efficient financial management system.

For more detailed information on how Triumph’s Fixed Assets module can transform your asset management strategy, read more here.

Triumph ERP Footy Tipping Results for 2024

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Good luck with the season ahead.

I’m not a diehard footy fan but I still love the Triumph Footy Tipping Competition. It’s great challenging friends, family and work mates and, given I know very little about the game, it’s always fun to see their faces when I come out ahead!! I love the weekly prizes – a much better incentive than only one winner at the end of season. 2024 – Bring it on!

Jacqui Clay – PJ Technology

The Prizes

Every week a winner will receive a $25 Coles Myer Gift Voucher, with the overall winner receiving the choice of either a $200 Visa Gift Voucher or a case of premium Australian wine valued at $200.

The Terms and Conditions

The competition is free to join. However, participants must reside in Australia, be of legal age, and be employed by a company or organisation.

*For the complete list of T&C click here

Rules of Play

The 2024 AFL season will be the 128th season of the Australian Football League, the highest-level senior men’s Australian rules football competition in Australia, which was known as the Victorian Football League until 1989.

The season will feature eighteen clubs and will run from 7th March until 25th August, comprising a new ‘Opening Round’ on top of the 24 round-game home-and-away season, the most in league history, followed by a finals series featuring the top eight clubs.

The fixture for the first time in AFL History was extended to include an ‘Opening Round’ along with 24 matches per club, the longest in history. Participants predict the result of each game by nominating the correct result. Participants must also select the margin
they think will be scored in the margin game played in each round

*For complete set of rules including our points system click here

How to Register

The 2024 registration is now open. To get involved you need to register yourself or a team, visit the Footy Tab on the website and follow the prompts or click below to register now!

What is Mobile ERP? – Mobile ERP in Australia

Mobile ERP Illustration

Before we dive into Mobile ERP, understanding what an ‘ERP’ system is in the first place is vital.

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is an all-encompassing software solution that streamlines and automates business processes into one single unified system.

Our proprietary ERP solution Triumph ERP, is the go-to modular ERP solution for Australian SMEs. Offering unparalleled functionality and reporting capabilities. Triumph ERP offers fast implementation, robust performance and flexible integration. Imagine Triumph ERP as a central database that connects all your day-to-day business processes into a single, central and comprehensive system.

Also Read: https://triumph.com.au/solutions/solutions-by-industry/what-is-erp/

Now imagine… if your technicians are out there in the field providing services, and have the ability to securely access key business information remotely. Have access to data on, sales, customer habits, purchase history, insights and functionality of the ERP solution right in the palm of their hands. Now imagine, how much more they could achieve out in the field with an ERP solution like Triumph.

Today our phones are almost an extension of ourselves, a device that fits into your pocket but also has the power to run complex programs and applications if needed. Once your ERP system is implemented, often the very next thing businesses do is add-on a mobile ERP application, as mobile access for any ERP solution especially in today’s remote work culture is essential.

Mobile ERP empowers your workers by helping them access essential business data to collaborate and do their work from anywhere with just a mobile device. A valuable asset especially for service technicians out in the field.

What this means for your business.

Group of People Sitting in Conference Table Laughing

As a business, looking to add a Mobile ERP solution, you have to analyse the features of the solution before implementation, if it does add value to your business, and if the additional cost is outweighed by the benefits of a mobile solution.

Here at Triumph, our proprietary Job Mobile module is our answer to a Mobile ERP solution, a simple add-on module that helps technicians record, report, and track all expenses for a job directly from a smartphone back to the ERP solution.

Our Job mobile module helps to empower your workforce working in the field or remotely to securely access vital information that adds real value to day-to-day operations for the business.

A feature packed mobile solution.

mobile erp,mobile erp australia

Triumph’s Job Mobile module is an innovative and efficient solution designed specifically for mobile sales teams and technicians, who need the reliability of an award winning solution they can access remotely. Opening communication remotely and increasing transparency for transactional and work data in an effective manner to increase productivity.

With Job Mobile’s ‘voice to text’ functionality’, your employees will find logging work descriptions a breeze. Supervisors now can review Job Times before they are even posted, ensuring they are accurate and that the Job has been done on time. Our solution allows for the recording of any labour and materials on site, as well as the collection of signatures while on the go.

Here at Triumph we understand the importance of real-time processing for businesses, it keeps you agile and flexible enough to bolster yourself against market forces. Our job mobile module has the ability to streamline your entire physical invoicing process, by processing credit card payments right on the spot, capturing and submitting receipts and invoices immediately after a transaction. Helping you and your employees keep track of transactions.

Our priority with our Job Mobile module is to give mobile teams the ability to manage inventory on the go. This includes getting directions to new job sites with our map feature, record Geo-locations for accuracy, access the fine details for the job, and contact the customer simply with our call feature for seamless communication.

Crop focused Asian engineer in white shirt using modern netbook while working with hardware

We know how important customers are, great experiences earn repeat business. So to ensure great experiences for you customers, our Job Mobile solution hands you the ability to generate customer service reports based on performance, straight to your email!

By leveraging Job Mobile, you can not only meet but exceed customer expectations, fostering long-lasting relationships and driving repeat business.

Embrace the convenience and efficiency of our Job Mobile solution and elevate your customer service to new heights!

The Fastest Way to Grow your E-Commerce business

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With a market valued at $6.3 trillion in 2023 alone and 20.8% of retail purchases taking place online, e-commerce is an undeniable way for fueling growth by connecting your business to customers not just nearby but around the globe.

Growth in retail e-commerce sales worldwide from 2019 to 2023
Growth in retail E-commerce sales worldwide (2019-2023)

E-Commerce operations usually lead to significant growth provided you have built a strong proven web presence within any industry you operate within. As you grow so does the complexity of the business. Having different systems managing different processes can not only impact your customers but also management. Managing a disconnected system that is not wholly integrated can be an immense laborious task to manage for both you and your employees.

So how do you solve this issue of having growth but also spending most of your time and resources on axing away at business processes that take you away from growing your product and service offerings?

The answer is an ERP solution. An ERP solution that solves the complexity of your business processes by connecting all the disconnected nodes into one central system that effectively integrates with the rest of your business systems.

Not only giving you seamless integration but also future-proofing your business through technology, making this your first true step in Digital Transformation.

Dedicated E-commerce function

Instead of relying on multiple levels of accounting software that require multiple hours of work to manage, put your trust in software that is not just built to grow with you but also helps de-clutter your business through technology.

Here at triumph we have built and developed a dedicated e-commerce module that is native to our ERP solution to solve exactly these issues.

As a simple add-on to our base pack*, our e-commerce module utilises your company data to seamlessly integrate your business with key stakeholders within your business. This not only helps you with things such as forecasting in the next quarter but also helps support various transactions with omni-functionality across B2B and B2C spaces.

We also provide you with your very own web shop that you can customise to your liking, from colours to even the design of the customer portals.

A level of flexibility that is both functional and design orientated to personalise the customer journey

Tackle both B2B and B2C customer groups with Triumph ERP

An ERP solution with an e-commerce integration enables you to implement innovative methods of improving sales, helping you experience growth every quarter. Here’s how our ERP solution can help you innovate and grow your sales funnels.

Our team is dedicated to bringing you the latest technology and transforming it into an easily accessible format with an easier user interface. Our e-commerce module not only supports merchant facilities but also gives your customers a level of security where they can securely transact business with you simply through a web browser.

With unique pricing and discount arrangements, moving high-volume products and managing inventory, our e-commerce module is the ideal solution for B2B businesses.

Major benefits of incorporating our ERP solution with your e-commerce platform include:

  • Enhanced operational efficiency: Automate tasks, reduce errors, and streamline workflows across departments
  • Cost reduction: Lower operational expenses, optimise inventory levels, and improve resource allocation.
  • Data Driven decision making: gain valuable insights from integrated data to make informed business decisions.
  • Increased sales and profitability: reach new markets, offer competitive pricing, and improve customer satisfaction, leading to increased sales and revenue.

Functionality Enhancement:

Integrating ERP software with E-Commerce stores provides the dual benefit of having the real-time storefront data in ERP and back-end data in e-commerce. This means customers are able to view and access the information in terms of available inventory, latest order status, and also track shipments using tracking numbers. In terms of syncing up with the back-end of your system, your operations, sales, finance, HR and other teams now have immediate access to customer order information from your e-commerce platform. This helps you reduce the cost of operations and improve the overall customer experience.

Inventory Cost Reduction:

Men Working in a Warehouse
photo by tiger lily

All information about sales within your E-Commerce storefront appears within your ERP system instantly. Your ERP solution such as Triumph ERP will automatically update your inventory based on transaction information. With reliable constant updates to the system in terms of inventory and online sales, your warehouse team can immediately start fulfilling orders accurately. This is in turn, reduces inventory costs when teams have to navigate guesstimating fulfillment.

By Implementing an ERP solution such as Triumph ERP, you can not only just track inventory in real-time but also predict and plan how much inventory you need in the future.

Generating Financial Reports:

Person Using Black and Gray Laptop
photo by rdne stock project

An ERP solution like Triumph ensures you have a financial overview of your business through automated financial reports. Equipping you with a balance sheet, profit/loss statements, trial balance, cash flow and much more.

By integrating an ERP solution with your e-commerce platform, you can ensure your end-user transparency in term of online payments and financial data that goes through your business.

Accelerating Productivity:

Person Using Forklift
photo by elevate

Implementing an ERP solution in your e-commerce platform ensures a system unifies business processes, helping your employees ease away from performing manually repetitive tasks

It’s a logical solution to solving the impact of manually repetitive tasks that is better suited for computer software. Examples could include inputting shipping information, inventory level and production information. Triumph ERP works within this parameters to alleviate repetitive tasks by automating data input through a centralised point of information, saving your employees time and you money. Additionally, all online sales order get through the system promptly, ensuring your employees abilities to track and start fulfilling orders instantaneously, giving your business a more productive and efficient workflow.

Data Consistency:

Engineer Testing Sound System
photo by thisisengineering

Through the integration of Triumph ERP to your E-Commerce platform, any data ranging from customer details, orders, payments and shipping information is transferred and synced across your platform, helping you and your employees access accurate data anywhere at any time to fulfill orders immediately. Additionally, product inventory details can be uploaded from the ERP to the e-commerce platform, thus overcoming the need to re-enter the data.

By combining a strong proven web presence with an ERP system like Triumph ERP, you have access to not just our proprietary e-commerce platform but also various other features that integrate from payments down to inventory. Our business systems ensures you a level of automation with the ability to broaden your product and service offerings, increase your reach, and remain open online 24/7.

Helping you boost sales and take your business to the next level with Digital Transformation.

5 Tips for Digital Transformation in 2024

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Digital transformation is the way forward for any business looking to grow, administering and implementing essential new technologies within your business has never been more vital then today. It is a digital world that requires organisations to undergo a Digital Transformation.

The following are 5 essential tips or rather steps that can help you not just grow but become a more agile and efficient business.

1. Defining your Digital Transformation goals

Blue and Yellow Phone Modules

Before you start this digital journey, you must have a clearly defined goal.


Because goals are essential if you are looking to maximise an ERP implementation. Goals helps you to hone your focus on the vital objectives you have set for your business and keeps you on track as you implement digital transformation.

A goal can be infinitely more clear once you assess the current state of your business. This will include an analysis of the infrastructure running your current technology, identifying any gaps, and understanding how your employees use your current technology in day to day work. This assessment will help you target and identify the vital areas which require the need for Digital Transformation.

2. Building a Roadmap for Digital Transformation

Woman In Black Sleeveless Top Writing On Whiteboard

A roadmap will give you essentially an overview of how you will achieve the goals you set up in the first step.

Your Digital Transformation Roadmap should include specific steps, timelines and milestones that you can undertake in order to achieve the goals/objectives you have set for your business.

It is recommended to bring in an external consultant to help your identify areas for improvement through an audit. Once you get the results of the audit, you can begin the process of selecting an ERP solution which will help update your business processes.

It is vital in this process to involve key primary stakeholders and employees within this process, as not only will it help them understand how to maximise an ERP implementation but it will also ensure that the roadmap built is both realistic and achievable.

As you begin implementation, communication is essential with your employees. It is important to provide training and support to help your employees to adapt to new technologies. In the same breath it is also important to keep your customers informed if during implementation any changes may affect them.

By keeping everyone in the loop, you’ll be able to not just ensure adequate support but also ensure an ERP implementation is successful in the long run.

Ultimately, digital transformation is not only about implementing new technologies it’s about transforming your business into a more agile, efficient, and customer-centric organisation. With a clearly structured and well planned roadmap, combined with effective communication, you build a path to success to transform your business into the digital age.

3. Embracing “The Cloud”

Side view of young female in casual clothes typing message on laptop while sitting at wooden table in kitchen

If you are looking to scale your organisation and have managerial access to your business operations across the world, look no further than an ERP solution with a cloud offering.

Here’s why.

Cloud technology increases accessibility for your business as an ERP solution with a cloud offering means you can access your business anywhere, at any time, making it easier to manager your business operations within any setting.

Additionally, cloud based systems help you to scale your business, allowing you to easily add or remove resources as you go through your digital transformation.

This level of accessibility, scalability and additional flexibility, enables you to better manage your resources, reduce costs, and improve your overall business performance.

Within a fast paced digital age, cloud technology is the key to having that competitive edge so your business can scale exponentially, be accessible anywhere and fit within any new setting.

4. Automating Efficiency

Gray and Gold Steel Gears

Automation is the quintessential topic of the year, with Triumph ERP you now have the power to automate almost any business processes while you focus on your business goals. An ERP solution has the power to not just reduce human errors, but also increase efficiency across all business processes that were manual previously

For example: Fixed asset accounting is usually run seperate, but imagine having it part of your overall ERP system. This integration running along with an automated ERP solution is a great method of maintaining and locating your fixed assets while giving you the capability of breaking down components of the asset.

This level of automation can be a monumental relief as components within your assets can change the asset value over time, helping you not just keep track of your assets but also their value.

5. System Integration with ERP

Black and Blue Electronic Tools on Green Circuit Board

By integrating an ERP solution with your existing systems, you now have a singular point of central processing that has the ability to automate data entry and various other business processes.

In turn, reducing errors and boosting data accuracy.

This not only just save you time, but also saves you money. Key factors when you are looking to grow as a business.

Triumph ERP automates your systems, so they work for you instead of you working for them. Helping you to focus on the more important thing, the idea that started your business.

So, start your digital transformation today and revolutionize the way you manage your business

Get in touch today or better yet try our demo to see how you can unlock the true potential of your business.

Triumph Goes to America: Synergy 2023

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From 19-22nd September, developers around the globe gathered together for the Synergy Conference in North America, hosted by DataAccess Worldwide.

20230921 101246
Synergy 2023 in Louisville, Kentucky

The conference was a four-day event! On days one and two, the techs got their hands dirty with web security, interface design, and other fun web tools. With day two and three dedicated to the conference.

With two primary goals DataAccess’s Synergy conferences aim to:

  1. To help inform developers and teach the DataFlex Community about the latest enhancements to the product, and
  2. To give developers the opportunity to network with each other

The rest of the time we kicked back and enjoyed the show, with the DataAccess team treating us to a sneak peek of their latest releases and what’s coming in the near future. Plus, we got to see some seriously cool projects from other developers using DataFlex tools to show off their skills.

It was also an amazing opportunity to learn from experts in the field and connect with other like-minded individuals. The keynote speakers were truly helpful and gave us a fresh perspective on the future of development for business applications with DataFlex. The networking events were also a highlight, allowing us to meet people within our field and connect with business contacts.

This year Triumph Business Systems sent their senior software developer, Thomas Murphy.

tom at dataflex event
Thomas Murphy, Senior Software Developer for Triumph

Thomas is a highly experienced developer and has been with Triumph Business Systems for over 24 Years! His expertise in software development has been invaluable to the success of our proprietary integrated software solution ‘Triumph ERP’ .

Thomas attended all 4 days of the conference. Marking his fifth trip to the States for Synergy conferences, with his first being back in 2005 in Miami.

Attending Synergy conferences has become essential for Thomas and the development of our own software, as the conference helps him to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies implemented within DataFlex. He always returns from these conferences motivated and inspired, eager to implement new ideas and techniques in his work.

This year’s conference was no exception. Thomas had the opportunity to attend several informative sessions and network with other professionals in his field. He even had the chance to speak with some of the keynote speakers and gain insights into their experiences and perspectives.

When asked about the highlights of this year’s Synergy conference Thomas said,

“It was great to learn more about what’s already in the product, and what’s coming next, particularly the improvements to the web offering and what we can then development using DataFlex. It’s also good to be able to have one-on-one time with the DataAccess development team and learn more about DataFlex.

Also being my fifth conference, it was good to catch up with other developers I had met previously and meet new ones, and discuss what they are up to. Another highlight was the group outing to a minor league baseball game.”

20230921 085716

Overall, the conference was a great success and we can’t wait for the next one. It was a reminder of why we love what we do and why we’re so passionate about creating innovative software solutions for growing businesses.

If you are a business passionate about innovative technology and want to apply this to your business today, let us help you, help you to take the next step today towards digital transformation.

Get in touch today or better yet try our demo to see how you can unlock the true potential of your business.

Triumph ERP Footy Tipping Results for 2023

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This is a completely free competition that’s fun and easy to play with weekly prizes to be won. This season all players will be given the “concession” to have three rounds of “Tips” submitted on their behalf, if they fail to lodge them before the bounce down of the first game of each round. All concession games will be allocated away games including bonus points excluding the margin bonus point. We got you covered in 2023!
Also, to keep our competition fun and easy and for everyone to have a chance of winning a round, we have a unique scoring system where it’s not just about picking the correct winners each week. You can score extra points for picking the correct margin and tied games, as well as the correct prediction of interstate and bottom ten teams! Good luck with the season ahead.

Our Winner for 2023

After a wonderful fun competition with so many winners over 24 rounds we are delighted to announce the winner of The Triumph Footy Tipping Competition for 2023.

The winner is Kirsty Hill from “TSS” . Congratulations to Kirsty who took out first place with a total of 194 points ahead of Adrian Calleja and Peter Lawrence Johnson on 191 points. Another wonderful year of fun, thank you to everyone for being part of it. See you again for the 2024 AFL season.

RoundsWeekly Winner
OneBrian McKenzie From: GKR Transport
TwoVicki Hearne From: WA Hair & Beauty
ThreeLorraine Swain From: Sanctuary Real Estate
FourDean Schwarz From: Vanguard Mining
FiveBenny Marais From: Orbit Health & Fitness Solutions
SixMatt Hamersley From: Teak Industrial Supplies
SevenGary Tolliday From: Gary Tolliday Finance
EightCaroline Watson From: Public Transport Authority of WA
NineJeff Little From Mobile Computer Accounting
TenMichael Watt From Canva
ElevenGary Tolliday From GARY TOLLIDAY FINANCE
TwelveChris Boulgouris From MYOB
ThirteenEugene Staunton From Pertex
FourteenKirsty Hill From TSS
FifteenRob Chasland From Century 21 River Residential
SixteenYvonne Milentis From Harvey Fresh
SeventeenKen Tirant From Field Group
EighteenAnthony Campbell From Balance Tax Pty Ltd.
NineteenBrian McKenzie From GKR Transport
TwentySue Bullen From CA Management Services
Twenty-OneClive Richmond From Triumph Business Systems
Twenty-Two Ingrid Tilley From Accord Group (WA)
Twenty-ThreeJohn Allanson From CA Management Services
Twenty-FourAdrian Calleja from Assett Mechanical Engineering Pty

Here’s what a few of our clients thought of our exciting annual footy tipping competitions

Thank you again for a fantastic and enjoyable tipping competition and credit to to all concern.

Mark Toogood The Western Australian Railways Institute (WARI) Mana

“Thanks Triumph for a great Footy Tipping Competition. I have done this for quite a number of years now, imagine my surprise when I won a round and received a great bottle of wine for my efforts. I will be doing it again this year and who knows, I may even win another round!”

– Barbara Anderson, Chief Information Officer, Orbit Health & Fitness Solutions

“This competition is great – you don’t have to be an expert to tip a winner and it’s heaps of fun due to the weekly prize. Anyone can win it from any position of the ladder”

– Steven Wong, Dodd & Dodd Group Pty Ltd

“I have been tipping with Triumph Footy Tipping for several years. It’s great fun, and the only problem I have encountered is that it’s addictive. I am looking forward to winning a few more rounds this year. I can’t wait for this year’s competition to start!”

– David Tilley, Principal and Director Accord Group (WA)

“The Triumph tipping comp is always great fun! The scoring is a lot different to the run-of-the-mill tipping comps which makes it a lot more interesting. Always great to check the results on Monday and see who has bragging rights!!”

– Rod Marsh, Group Project Manager, Mincon

“I really enjoy the Triumph Footy Tipping Competition. It has always been well conducted and in the past I have even pick up a win which gives the “ego a kick along”, especially when you forward the results on to your many mates in the many footy tipping competitions. Looking forward to this year’s competition.”

– Gary Tolliday, Gary Tolliday Finance

“I am so excited that the Footy Tipping Competition is about to start for 2023. The comp is very well run, there are fabulous prices to be won and it’s heaps of fun. Looking forward to winning a few more rounds this year.”

– Sue Lavanda, Purchasing & Logistics Manager ,K-One Fluid Power

“Triumph Business Systems run a professional and engaging footy tipping competition. I have enjoyed it for a few years now so much so that it is the only one I participate in. It’s good fun – get on board”

– Barbara Oversby, Senior Business Software Consultant, CA Management Services

The Prizes

Every week a winner will receive a $25 Coles Myer Gift Voucher, with the overall winner receiving the choice of either a $200 Visa Gift Voucher or a case of premium Australian wine valued at $200.

The Terms and Conditions

The competition is free to join. However, participants must reside in Australia, be of legal age, and be employed by a company or organisation.

*For the complete list of T&C click here

Rules of Play

There are twenty-three rounds, each round consisting of up to nine AFL games to tip against. Participants
predict the result of each game by nominating the correct result. Participants must also select the margin
they think will be scored in the margin game played in each round

*For complete set of rules including our points system click here

How to Register

The 2023 registration is now open. To get involved you need to register yourself or a team, visit the Footy Tab on the website and follow the prompts.

Proven Strategies to Increase Sales and Profitability | Step by Step

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It’s an undeniable fact that Growth and Sales are tied together like a scouts knot in business, without sales or rather making new sales opportunities your business will not reach its fullest potential. To look for growth, just simply look at the customer base you’ve already built, there’s an immense amount of data already present there and with the right ERP solution you have the key to unlock and utilize existing data to reach levels of sales you haven’t experienced before.

Why would I go with an ERP solution instead of just using excel for sales analysis?

Triumph ERP isn’t a spreadsheet, it’s a centralised platform for all your business processes, communicating with each other in a data-centric symphony that provides quick access to data for sales reps in terms of information on customer history, order status, and pricing information.

ERP sales reports are intrinsically advantageous when the goal is to grow and expand your market share. As a business, if you are not running analysis on sales reports on a consistent basis, you are essentially limiting the potential growth of your sales and ceteris paribus therefore your business.

Our Sales Analysis module can be seen as an informative and visual node that connects to your customer and business network, utilising existing data and helping you predict and identify opportunities for growth faster but also more smarter.

Through data, your sales reps will have the ability to make better-informed decisions and administer better customer service on a scale that fits the vision of where you want to take your organisation.

So how will an ERP solution help me boost sales?

ERP solutions are essential, view them as integrated tools that have the ability to manage your business operations and add valuable insights into those very same operations. As mentioned before one of the most sought-after aspects of an ERP solution is it’s integrated reporting ability, especially for sales.

For example, sales reports give you a bird’s eye view of your repeat customers and their purchase behaviors. It’s important to analyse and investigate when there is an anomaly in their purchasing behavior and this can be something as simple as them not purchasing a product or service that they usually purchase every month. This can also range to them suddenly increasing the number of their orders.

Here your sales reps can go ahead and contact the customer and make special provisions to continue selling the product and also in some cases up-sell if the customer is looking for more. When customers change their purchasing behaviour, you can view it as a golden opportunity to further understand their needs and wants by solving any issue they have with their purchases.

An ERP implementation means that your business can utilize these reports, improve sales performance, increase market share and ultimately taking your business to new heights.

Let’s Break these down into 3 Key Steps

Step 1

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Your first step in utilising an ERP solution for the purpose of sales report is to ensure that the data being retrieved is comprehensively accurate. This will only aid the ERP solution in creating more robust and precise sales reports, which should include:

  • sales transactions
  • customer behavior
  • preferences
  • product performance
  • market trends

By utilising this data through an ERP solution, you have the ability to empower your sales reps with a deep understanding of their performance and the business, enabling them to make decisions on how they can improve sales to modifying product/service offerings.

For example, your sales reps can use these reports to identify which products are selling well and which ones are not. They can also use the data to identify which customers are making the most purchases and which ones are not. This information can then be used to develop targeted sales strategies and marketing campaigns that are designed to increase sales and expand market share.

Step 2

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One of the key benefits of using ERP sales reports is that they provide your business with real-time data that can be used to make informed decisions. The viability of ERP sales reports is incredible, as your business can quickly identify sales trends, customer preferences, and market opportunities. Your team can even then use this information to make adjustments to their sales strategies and marketing campaigns in real-time. This can be especially useful if your business is in an ever evolving industry where market conditions can change on a dime.

Sales reports give you a bird’s eye view of your repeat customers and their purchase behaviors. It’s important to analyse and investigate when there is an anomaly in their purchasing behavior and this can be something as simple as them not purchasing a product or service that they usually purchase every month. This can also range to them suddenly increasing the number of their orders.

Here your sales reps can go ahead and contact the customer and make special provisions to continue selling the product and also in some cases upsell if the customer is looking for more. When customers change their purchasing behaviour, you can view it as a golden opportunity to further understand their needs and wants by solving any issue they have with their purchases.

Step 3

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Another advantage of using our ERP sales reports is that they help businesses to optimize their sales performance. By analyzing sales data, your business can identify which of the sales channels you have are the most effective, and which ones are not. Our software can also identify which products are the most profitable and which ones are not. This information can then be used to make strategic and informed decisions about product development, pricing, and sales channels.

By optimizing your team’s sales performance in this way, you can drive up revenue and market share.

In addition to improving sales performance, ERP sales reports can also help your business to improve customer satisfaction. By analyzing customer behavior and preferences, your sales team can identify areas where they can improve their customer experience. This could include improving product quality, offering better customer support, or providing more personalized services. By improving customer satisfaction in this way, sales teams’ can build stronger relationships with their customers and increase customer loyalty.

Optimising Sales through Data

ERP sales reports are a powerful tool that businesses can use to improve their sales performance and expand their market share.

By collecting accurate and comprehensive data on sales transactions, customer behavior, and market trends, your sales team can gain valuable insights into their sales performance. They can then use this data to make informed decisions about sales strategies, marketing campaigns, and product development.

By optimizing their sales performance in this way, you can drive up revenue and market share, and also improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Optimise and Boost your Sales Today!

Inventory Orders Simplified

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As a manufacturer, one of your biggest challenges is often just managing inventory with purchase orders. You are basically trying to maintain a balancing act where you ensure there’s an exact amount of material and an exact amount of product to meet your customer’s demands, while also trying to keep your costs at bay.

What if you had a piece of software that does the balancing act for you? 
What if it can manage your purchase ordering and inventory costs, automating the entire process?

This is where an Award Winning ERP solution comes in, such as Triumph ERP.

Triumph ERP’s Purchase Ordering module is intricately designed to help you, the manufacturer, to manage your purchase ordering and inventory costs with ease.

Here are 4 ways that an ERP solution simplifies your Inventory and Purchase Orders.

1. Automation

One of the biggest advantages of our ‘Purchase Order’ module is its ability to integrate with other Triumph modules. Offering you, the manufacturer, the ability to automate the purchase ordering process based on various triggers like when inventory reaches a pre-determined re-order level, when an out-of-stock item is ordered, or when a job quote is won.

2. Foreign Currency

When you have many overseas suppliers for parts it can get confusing raising purchase orders and calculating landing costs in a foreign currency. Triumph ERP’s purchase ordering module automatically raises purchase orders from overseas suppliers in a foreign currency with landed costs applied. This feature helps you, the manufacturer, to accurately track your costs and ensure that you are paying the right amount for the materials you’ve been supplied.

3. Customer Orders and Purchase Order Reconciliation

With Triumph ERP lets say when goods are received , you as a manufacturer can use Triumph ERP to automatically compare outstanding customer orders with the goods received. Helping you to ensure only the right products are being delivered to the right customers at exactly the right time. This is the power of a software built solely to empower your business through technology.

Additionally, you have the ability to reconcile purchase orders with creditors’ invoices, checking both quantity and price to ensure they are both accurate.

4. Identify Price Trends

Another major benefit of Triumph ERP’s Purchase Ordering module is the ability to check a complete history of your supplier’s pricing. This feature helps manufacturers to identify trends in pricing and negotiate better deals with their suppliers.

Triumph ERP’s Purchase Ordering module is a powerful tool for manufacturers looking to streamline their purchase ordering and inventory management processes. By automating many of the tasks associated with these processes, manufacturers can save time and reduce the risk of errors.

Additionally, the ability to track costs and reconcile purchase orders with invoices helps manufacturers to stay on top of their finances and ensure that they are getting the best possible deals from their suppliers.

If you are a manufacturer looking to improve your purchase ordering and inventory management processes, Triumph ERP’s Purchase Ordering module is the perfect solution. With its ability to integrate with other Triumph modules, automate purchase ordering based on various triggers, and provide valuable insights into supplier pricing, this module is a must-have for any manufacturer looking to stay ahead of the competition.

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