Triumph Cloud

Benefits of Triumph Cloud

Triumph ERP now offers you the option to have your services based on the cloud. With our modern ERP solution which enables you to run all your business processes within your organisation on one simple-to-use system, you can now access everything from anywhere, at any time!

With a comprehensive, fully integrated, and flexible software which can help you accelerate business performance and boost productivity, there is no better time to bring Triumph Cloud to your business.

Whether your goal is to optimise your operations, employ leading edge business tools, or maximise your operational efficiency, Triumph Cloud will give you the flexibility to manage and grow your business using fewer internal resources and without the installation and hardware investments associated with traditional software packages.

 Why The Cloud?

  • Save on Infrastructure cost reduced IT cost with no need for your own complicated network or servers
  • We look after the hardware and infrastructure (Via Amazon Web Services Australia Data centre)
  • Free from viruses and Ransomware
  • Daily Back up included for free
  • Fast Operating environment
  • Extremely high availability with 99% uptime
  • Run 24/7 anywhere, anytime
  • All Latest Triumph ERP Updates and upgrades to new versions included
  • Better support from consultants because of easy access
  • Expand or contract users and modules with market conditions
  • Removes IT barriers to growth and expansion

Want to know more about Triumph Cloud? Check out some of our amazing additional features.

Triumph Cloud and Security

By working with our networking experts and the people at Amazon, our Triumph Cloud environment is extremely secure. Triumph Cloud is much more secure than your own on-premise installation. With Triumph Cloud you don’t have to worry about viruses, or CryptoLocker or other malicious agents that might want to attack your system and data. We employ the best industry standard security measures, which we maintain and keep up-to-date. And with all users set up by our team with a unique login and password, and all of your data backed up daily, you can be assured that your information is safe and secure.

Reliability and Availability

By using Amazon Web Services Sydney data centres, our cloud environment, excluding scheduled updates/upgrades, has had a 99.9% up time since 2012. This means that whenever you need to get online and use Triumph, it will be available day or night.

Having a system that is always available, is a great cost saving compared to one that can become unusable or unreachable for various reasons.


As part of your cloud subscription, all updates and upgrades are included at no additional cost. We will ensure that you have access to the latest Triumph ERP features as they become available. The new version of Triumph, which is available on the cloud, has some great new features and functionality, including:

  • Store documents on transactions, and keep them in a central place, is a fantastic new feature. Store multiple documents of any type, against an individual transaction like a creditors invoice, or sales order or purchase order etc. You can also nominate if the document should be emailed with the respective business form, e.g. a debtor invoice.

Note: Not only does this feature allow you to get away from storing paper copies, it makes you much more efficient and productive. And with a paperless office, it’s much easier for staff to work from home or anywhere else.

  • Seamless integration with Starshipit1Australia’s most trusted integrated shipping and tracking software”. Using your preferred freight companies and business rules, Starshipit will automatically work out who best to send the goods with, and at the best possible price. It will allow you to print the delivery labels and manifest, and at the same time update the Sales Orders in Triumph with the actual freight company and consignment note number. This will save you money, make you more efficient and professional, and allow your business to grow.
  • Online credit card processing2. In this online age, we now have the ability to take credit card payments over the phone without an EFTPOS reader. The credit card details are entered in Triumph and processed online, with an immediate response from your bank verifying if the payment is accepted or not.

Note: These credit card payments can be entered as a debtor receipt, a sales order deposit, or a point of sale payment. If your business adheres to the requirements for being PCI compliant (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), Triumph can also store, for those that give permission, a customer’s credit card details for future use.

  • SMS product pickup notifications3. Automatically SMS customers when goods have arrived instore and are ready for collection. Powerful templates allow you to fully customise the messages being send. Including a template for an order that is complete, a partial order pickup, and a partial order that is now complete. Make yourself more efficient and professional to your customers.
  • Background/overnight production and delivery of key reports. This is a great time saving new feature that allows reports to be run overnight and distributed via email to one or more people. You might have reports that are slow to run during the day, or the same report that needs to be sent to multiple staff members. This feature will allow you to schedule these reports to be run overnight, with the results sitting in everyone’s Inbox first thing in the morning.

Note: Based on the user, the same report can be configured with different runtime settings, e.g. run a sales report for one branch and email it to them, then run the same sales report for a different branch, and email it to that branch. Reports can be scheduled to run at a nominated time, with frequencies of once, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. As well as emailing, a background report can also be printed.

  • New Supplier Request For Credit, half module. Keeping track of credit requests for stock that go back to suppliers can be a challenging task at the best of times. But with staff working at different locations and out of the office, this can make it even harder. So, what you need is definitely our new Request For Credit module.

Note: When goods are found to be faulty or need to be returned for other reasons, a pending request for a product return can be raised by any staff member. A real request for credit can then be raised for all the pending requests, one per supplier. Or you can just raise a request for credit immediately and email to the supplier. Once an RA number comes back, this can be entered and the request printed and sent back with the goods. When the final supplier credit note is received, this is entered and matched on a line by line basis against the original request for credit.

If any quantity is rejected by the supplier, you can indicate if the goods are going back into stock or to be written off. You can also enter any restocking or delivery changes, at this stage.

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1 Starshipit is an online 3rd party application that is available at different price points

2 Online credit card processing requires an online merchant account from a bank. Each bank has different requirements and prices for this. Talk directly with the banks to ascertain what these are, before requesting an account. Also discuss what online merchant account formats they support. Triumph currently supports the following online merchant accounts: MIGS (Mastercard Integrated Gateway Servcices, MPGS (Mastercard Payment Gateway Service & PayWay (proprietary interface for Westpac only).

3 SMS product pickup notifications require the Advanced Sales Orders module. SMS’s are charged at 15c ex GST per 160-character SMS part sent. This is charged monthly in arrears through a direct debit.

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