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Solve software challenges with a powerful ERP solution

As a technical consultant, you are asked to provide technical support, perform trouble-shooting functions and resolve customer issues as they appear. Technical consults are highly knowledgeable about company products or applications so that they can assist their clients with any issues they may have.

Chances are that you have come across a client who requires advice and assistance on business management software to help their business run smoothly and efficiently.

Do you have clients who are:

  • finding that their system is slow to run?
  • running a complicated system made up of multiple applications, add-ons and spreadsheets?
  • relying on key people to keep the system running smoothly?
  • experiencing recurring functional or efficiency issues?
  • wanting to move from on-premise to a cloud based system?
  • looking at turning their office into a paperless office?
  • wanting an easier way for staff to work from home or outside the office?

We Have the Solution

Triumph ERP is the ultimate next step for businesses that have outgrown software such as MYOB, Xero, or QuickBooks, and is a great management solution for technical consultants to offer. As an entry-level Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, Triumph ERP doesn’t just handle the traditional accounting and bookkeeping functions; it takes a whole-of-enterprise approach and helps to monitor, control and automate all business processes.

Specifically developed and designed for Australian businesses, Triumph ERP will allow your clients to manage every aspect of their business with a suite of 36 modules that seamlessly link together. As their business develops and grows, Triumph offers an unparalleled ability to easily add on modules and users, making it the most capable and affordable entry level ERP package on the market today.

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On-Premise Solution

Triumph ERP is available as a traditional office-based product, and also offers the flexibility and reliability of a cloud-based accounting solution. Triumph ERP is ideal for companies that require from 1 to 100 users and suits a wide range of industries, making it the software solution of choice for hundreds of Australian businesses, and a fantastic solution for technical consultants to offer their clients.

Cloud-Based Solution

Cloud-based software is the way of today. Triumph ERP Cloud solution enables your client to run all their business processes within their organisation on one simple-to-use system, that they can now access everything from anywhere, at any time!

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A comprehensive, fully integrated, flexible and reliable software can help your client accelerate business performance and boost productivity. Whether their goal is to optimise their operations, employ leading edge business tools, or maximise their operational efficiency, Triumph Cloud will give them the flexibility to manage and grow their business.

Want to know more about Triumph Cloud? Check out some of our amazing additional features.

Triumph Cloud and Security

By working with our networking experts and the people at Amazon, our Triumph Cloud environment is extremely secure.  With Triumph Cloud they don’t have to worry about viruses, or CryptoLocker or other malicious agents that might want to attack their system and data.

We employ the best industry standard security measures, which we maintain and keep up-to-date. All users set up by our team will have a unique login and password, and all of their data is backed up daily, you can be assured that their information is safe and secure.

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Reliability and Availability

As a technical consultant, you will know how important it is for cloud software to be reliable and available. As Triumph ERP uses Amazon Web Services Sydney data centres, our cloud environment, excluding scheduled updates/upgrades, has had a 99.9% up time since 2012. This means that whenever your client need to get online and use Triumph, it will be available day or night.


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For clients who use Triumph Cloud, all updates and upgrades will be included at no additional cost. We will ensure that your client will have access to the latest Triumph ERP features as they become available, keeping them on top of their business management at all times.

All technical consultants can appreciate the capabilities of Triumph ERP Cloud Software, with its great features and functionality, including:

  • Store documents on transactions– clients can keep all their documents in a central place. Storing multiple documents of any type, against an individual transaction like a creditors invoice, or sales order or purchase order etc. Your client can even nominate if the document should be emailed with the respective business form, e.g. a debtor invoice.
  • Seamless integration with Starshipit1– “Australia’s most trusted integrated shipping and tracking software”. Starshipit will automatically work out who best to send the goods with, and at the best possible price. It will allow your clients to print the delivery labels and manifest, and at the same time update the Sales Orders in Triumph with the actual freight company and consignment note number. This will save your client money, make them more efficient and professional, and allows your clients business to grow.
  • Online credit card processing– In this online age, we now have the ability to take credit card payments over the phone without an EFTPOS reader. The credit card details are entered in Triumph and processed online, with an immediate response from your clients bank verifying if the payment is accepted or not.
  • SMS product pickup notifications-Automatically SMS customers when goods have arrived in-store and are ready for collection. Powerful templates allow your client to fully customise the messages being send. Including a template for an order that is complete, a partial order pickup, and a partial order that is now complete. Making your client more efficient and professional to their customers.
  • Background/overnight production and delivery of key reports This allows reports to be run overnight and distributed via email to one or more people. Your client might have reports that are slow to run during the day, or the same report that needs to be sent to multiple staff members. This feature will allow them to schedule these reports to be run overnight, with the results sitting in everyone’s Inbox first thing in the morning.

Help your clients grow their business today

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