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Find the right software solution for your client’s business

Behind any successful company, is a network of support. In order for a business to grow and prosper, it is important that it has a strong and dependable foundation built on trust and commitment. As a business advisor, you are not only responsible for the provision of sound business advice, but are committed to creating an environment that allows and encourages a company to thrive.

If you are a business advisor, chances are that you have assisted a variety of different companies and a number of different stages. But when it comes to working with a client who is having problems with their current entry-level accounting software, what help can you offer?

Does your client need to upgrade to a more capable and comprehensive business system?

As a business advisor, you know better than anyone that if a company’s accounting software is not up to the task, it will create additional work and costs, reduces efficiency, and forces the need for operational compromises.

Triumph ERP is the ultimate next step for any business which has outgrown software such as MYOB, Xero, or QuickBooks. As an entry-level Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, Triumph ERP doesn’t just handle the traditional accounting and bookkeeping functions; it takes a whole-of-enterprise approach and helps to monitor, control and automate all business processes.

Are your clients ready for a new ERP system?

  • are your clients working off spread sheets or using a number of messy add-ons programs to help support the functionality of their main accounting software?
  • are your clients creating manual transaction or documents, such as purchase orders or timecards?
  • are your clients relying on a single person or a few key people to keep everything running?
  • are your clients double handling data by entering the same data into two programs, or even two areas of the same program?
  • do your clients struggle to have easy access to the data and information related to their business?
  • are your clients missing out on real-time information to make better decisions?
  • do your clients require consolidated multi-branch/multi-entity reporting?
  • are your clients having difficulty and spending too much time with their accounting?
  • is your client’s inventory management starting to become a challenge?
  • is your client’s IT becoming too complex, time-consuming, and costly?
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Outdated or unmanaged software can hamper your client’s business growth.

As a business advisor and you are noticing your clients have outgrown their current software, then Triumph ERP is the ideal next step.

Why Triumph ERP?

With Triumph ERP, all areas of the business are integrated into one, easy to use system to help your client’s business grow. Triumph ERP software gives increased integration, flexibility and functionality that your clients business needs.

What is Triumph ERP?

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Enterprise Resource Planning, also known as ERP, refers to all-in-one software that manages the day-to-day operations, finances and accounting.

It enables the proper management of your daily operations, streamlining procedures and coordinating activities which helps you focus on the big-picture.

ERP is considered critical by businesses of all sizes. Essential to daily operations, productivity and record keeping of countless organisations, ERP software enhances efficiency and accuracy to save considerable amounts of mistakes, oversights and delays.

For a smaller growing business, ERP may seem like an unnecessary addition. However, while your clients may take care of all activities, records and data across multiple separate systems, many business owners find that they struggle to keep track of everything as their business grows.

ERP software will help your client integrate all of their processes, systems, data and activities into one system that works to support your client’s success. Triumph ERP software is time-saving software for taking your clients business to the next level, no matter where they are in your journey.

ERP provides smaller growing businesses with a way to ensure all employees have fast access to the resources they need to grow their business, enhance productivity and complete reporting with confidence and accuracy.

For most large companies, ERP becomes the backbone of the business and is integral to their core strategies. Able to be customised to suit the requirements of each individual needs, ERP supports businesses of all sizes with precision and reliability.

Do not let outdated or unmanaged software hamper your client’s growth.

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