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Help your clients be more effective and efficient by using ERP smarter business management software

Bookkeeping is a growing profession – it is demanding, exciting, challenging and above all, rewarding. As bookkeepers, you play an integral role in recording, analysing and interpreting the financial data of your client’s business, and you are likely the first person they turn to for advice about their business management software as you have a good understanding of their business, their processes and their specific needs.

Is your client’s business experiencing the growing pains of Business Software?

Are your clients:

  • working off spread sheets or using a number of messy add-ons programs to help support the functionality of your main business management software?
  • creating manual transaction or documents, such as purchase orders or time cards?
  • relying on a single person or a few key persons to keep everything running!
  • double handling data by entering the same data into two programs, or even two areas of the same program!
  • needing access up-to-date, real-time information to make better business decisions?
  • requiring consolidated multi-branch/multi-entity reporting?
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If any of this sounds familiar, then your clients have likely outgrown their entry-level business management software and they may need to move to the next level. Outdated or unmanaged software can hamper your client’s business growth. With Triumph ERP, all areas of the business are integrated into one, easy to use system to help your client’s business grow.

Business management software?

We have the solution 

Triumph ERP is the ultimate next step for businesses that have outgrown software such as MYOB, Xero, or QuickBooks. As an entry-level Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.

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Triumph ERP is an entry-level ERP system designed for small and medium sized business that have outgrown their basic accounting software. Triumph ERP software doesn’t just handle the traditional accounting and bookkeeping functions; it takes a whole-of-enterprise approach to business management, including monitoring, controlling, and automating all your business processes.

Triumph ERP is built upon a modular design, allowing the software to be customised and scaled to suit needs and support business growth.

This unparalleled ability to add on modules and users makes Triumph ERP the most capable and affordable entry level ERP business  software on the market today.

Triumph ERP offers a suite of 36 modules across six functions, including Core Financial, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Job Costing / Quoting, and Information Intelligence. All 36 modules link together seamlessly to share data and information, creating a comprehensive and fully integrated system designed to maximise efficiency and empower better business decisions.

Solution by Industry

Triumph ERP offers a flexible and integrated business software solution that effortlessly supports a wide range of industries. Today, Triumph ERP serves hundreds of customers across major industries, including retail, wholesale, manufacturing, transport, mining, engineering, not-for-profit, food services and agribusiness.

Solution By Product

Triumph ERP offers a range of package and standalone modules that enables your client to take control of all their business management processes. From Job Mobile, Inventory Scanning, and API services, to Proof of Delivery, Paperless Pickings, and e-Commerce, Triumph ERP give your client the opportunity to incorporate new technology into their business.

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Solution By Function

Triumph ERP offers a suite of 36 modules across six functions that run all key back-end operations and financial business management processes. With Core Financials, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Job Costing, and Information Intelligence modules available, Triumph ERP has every aspect of your business covered.

Triumph is the versatile, cost-effective entry-level ERP software solution for your client. Triumph can help your client’s business grow as a traditional office-based product, and also offers the simplicity of a cloud-based accounting solution.

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