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Small Business Accounting Software for clients that have outgrown their current software

The accounting profession has never been under more pressure to change. In an environment where the accountant’s traditional heartland of compliance work is being disrupted by technology, accountants need to develop skills to become better business advisors.

Your relationship with your clients has evolved from historically providing day-to-day compliance processing, to become an integral partner in the strategic planning, business growth and profitability of your client’s business. 

One key area that accountants are often asked about is the difference between accounting software and ERP software and how to they can take their business to the next level.

ERP software for accounting firms clients:

If your clients are:

  • struggling to see the “big picture” due to limited reporting capabilities in their current accounting software
  • still using spreadsheets and multiple add-ons to keep their system running
  • spending too much time double-entering data
  • finding errors and inaccuracies in their financial data
  • looking to move to Cloud ERP
  • in need of a fully integrated accounting software solution
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We have the ERP software solution for your accounting needs

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Triumph ERP software is the ultimate next step for businesses that have outgrown small business software such as Xero, MYOB, and QuickBooks and for businesses who require more that what generic accounting software can provide. Triumph ERP is an entry-level ERP system designed for small and medium sized business that have outgrown their basic accounting software.

Triumph ERP software doesn’t just handle the traditional accounting and bookkeeping functions; it takes a whole-of-enterprise approach to monitoring, controlling, and automating all your business processes.

Triumph ERP software offers a modern ERP solution that enables your clients to run all business processes within their organisation on one simple-to-use system. Its comprehensive, fully integrated, and flexible design helps to accelerate their business performance by empowering businesses of all sizes, across all industries, to unleash innovation and business growth.

As an entry-level Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, Triumph ERP software is ideally suited to small and medium sized businesses with 1-100 users.

Specifically developed and designed for Australian businesses, Triumph allows your clients to manage every aspect of their business with a suite of 36 modules that seamlessly link together.

As a fully-integrated system, Triumph ERP eliminates all the messy spreadsheets and add-ons and gives your clients direct access to the ‘big picture’ information that is essential to making good business decisions.

As your clients experience business growth and developments, Triumph offers an unparalleled ability to easily add on modules and users, making it the most capable and affordable entry-level ERP package on the market today.

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Triumph ERP is built upon a modular design, allowing the software to be customised and scaled to suit needs and support business growth. This unparalleled ability to add on modules and users makes Triumph ERP the most capable and affordable entry level ERP software on the market today.

Triumph ERP offers a suite of 36 modules across six functions, including Core Financial, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Job Costing, and Information Intelligence.

Better than any small business accounting software, all 36 modules link together seamlessly to share data and information, creating a comprehensive and fully integrated system designed to maximise efficiency and empower better business decisions.

Triumph ERP software offers sales analysis, reporting, purchase orders, sales orders, business intelligence, special pricing, fixed assets, foreign bank, foreign currency, inventory, materials, planning, budgeting, forecasting, tools, compliance, audit trails, e-commerce, multiple division, multiple locations, multiple branches, job costing, job quoting, time clock as well as project costing and quoting and so much more.

Better than Accounting Software: Help your clients grow their business today

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Triumph ERP customers range in size from single store operators to large publicly listed national and international organisations. From 1 to 100 users Triumph ERP is designed to grow with your clients needs.

The comprehensive nature of Triumph ERP, with over 36 functional business modules, makes it appealing to a wide range of industries including retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, mining, hospitality, food services, fabrication, construction, service, professional practices, not-for-profits and government.

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