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Triumph ERP Accredited Partners

Triumph ERP software is sold and supported exclusively by fully trained and accredited partners. Our Accredited Partners are the key to our outstanding and responsive service. We only appoint organisations that meet strict criteria for experience, integrity and commitment to delivering effective business solutions.

All of our Accredited Partners have a thorough knowledge of Triumph ERP, as well as accounting qualifications and skills. They are best placed to help you because they understand your business, how your software is installed and set up, and the network/hardware environment it’s running on. If they’re unable to resolve any issues you may have, then they will enlist our help as the Australian developer of Triumph ERP software.

Triumph ERP is built upon a modular design, allowing the software to be customised and scaled to suit needs and support business growth. This unparalleled ability to add on modules and users makes Triumph ERP the most capable and affordable entry level ERP software on the market today.

Become an Accredited Partner with Triumph ERP

Triumph ERP software is sold and supported exclusively from fully trained and Accredited Partners. Our Australia wide Accredited Partners are the key to outstanding and responsive service.

We appoint only organisations that meet strict criteria for experience, integrity and commitment to delivering effective business solutions. Triumph ERP software Accredited Partners offer:

  • installation, demonstration, set up and ongoing support of the system
  • train the user in every detail of the Triumph ERP software
  • provide additional services such as report writing
Accredited Partners

If you think you have what it takes to become an Triumph ERP Accredited Partner contact us today.

Are you an Accountant who can benefit from ERP?


For any modern-day accountant, your relationship with your clients has evolved from what was once just simple day-to-day compliance processing, to you now becoming an integral partner in strategic planning, growth, and the profitability of your client’s business.

If you are finding your clients are:

  • Struggling to see the big picture due to limited reporting capabilities
  • Still using spreadsheets and multiple add-ons to keep their system running
  • Spending too much time double-entering data
  • Finding errors and inaccuracies in their financial data

Then it may be time for them to experience Triumph ERP. As the ultimate next step for any businesses that have outgrown their small business software such as Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks.

As an entry-level Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, Triumph ERP is ideally suited to small and medium sized businesses with 1-100 users. Triumph doesn’t just handle the accounting and bookkeeping functions; it takes a whole-of-enterprise approach and helps to monitor, control and automate all business processes.

Bookkeepers, are your clients needing more help managing their growing business?

Bookkeepers play an integral role in recording, analysing and interpreting the financial data of your client’s business, and chances are, that you are the first person they turn to for advice about their accounting software and business needs.

If your clients are having difficulties using their multiple add-ons for managing their business processes, are still relying on spreadsheets, double-handling data entry, or are creating manual transaction or documents, then direct them to something better.


If your client has outgrown their entry-level accounting software and are struggling to keep on top of their business needs, help them with Triumph ERP.

Business Advisors with the best advice

business advisors

Business advisors are a valuable commodity for all size businesses. With a vast knowledge, your experience and expertise can assist your clients in improving their growth capabilities by anticipating any problems that could be on the horizon, offer solutions to a pre-empt concern, or take advantage of an opportunity that your clients may have never been aware of.

If you find that your clients are drowning in data, or are doubling-down on documents, then pointing them in the direction of a customisable, versatile ERP system will prevent many future headaches, and make you a business hero.

With feature such as:

  • A fully integrated business management solution, meaning no more messy add-ons or spreadsheets.
  • Greater depth and a broader range of functionality, stepping up from basic bookkeeping functions to powerful reporting and improved business process automation.
  • Modular design that allows your clients to add or subtract modules and users as their business contracts or expands, giving complete flexibility.

Triumph ERP can restore order to your client’s business, and support business growth.

Are you a Technical Consultant with stressed out clients?

Being a technical consultant requires you to be highly knowledgeable about the best use of software for any challenge your clients may face, and when it comes to business management software, there is no better solution that Triumph ERP.

If your client is at a loss trying to manage their reports, or their various Xero add-ons are driving them up the wall, then they will be relying on your technical expertise to help them find a way to better manage their business.

technical consultants

Specifically developed and designed for Australian businesses, Triumph ERP will allow your clients to manage every aspect of their business with a suite of 47 modules that seamlessly link together.

As their business develops and grows, Triumph offers an unparalleled ability to easily add on modules and users, making it the most capable and affordable entry level ERP package on the market today.

Triumph ERP is available as a flexible any time, anywhere cloud-based option, as well as a traditional office-based solution. Triumph ERP is ideal for companies that require from 1 to 100 users and suits a wide range of industries, making it the software solution of choice for hundreds of Australian businesses.