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This year has caused many of us to change and adapt to a new kind of normal when it comes to business operations, with many people requiring to work from home or from other locations outside of the office.

These adaptations require a business system that can keep your operations running smoothly from anywhere, at any time.

By bringing the centralised and automated capabilities of Triumph ERP to the Cloud, you can access to your Core Financials, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Job Costing, any many other modules so you can access and share data and information with other staff members seamlessly.

Thanks to Triumph’s cloud conversion, Triumph Cloud runs 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, with a 99.9% uptime rate since its original launch in 2012. This means that you can access your business from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connected device.

Ease of Use

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With cloud conversion, Triumph offers users an increased flexibility and access for your whole team, and uses Remote Application by Microsoft to deliver a fast and secure remote access for all users.

Triumph Cloud will also allow you to save documents directly to your local computer or network, printed with ease with the software automatically recognising your printers, and send emails via the online industry standard SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol).

Triumph Cloud will feel like you’re not using the cloud at all, with the Triumph icon located on your desktop, you will be hard pushed to tell the difference between running the cloud version or an on-premise version.


Triumph Cloud has operated through the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Sydney Data Centre since 2012, keeping your data not only safe, but local. Since operation, Every Triumph client has their own dedicated cloud server, and not a single client of Triumph Cloud has ever lost any data from the AWS Sydney Data Centre.

Benefits of Triumph Cloud include:

  • easy access from anywhere, anytime
  • affordable monthly payments with a minimum 12-month subscription
  • all maintenance fees, backups, and software updates are included
  • reduced IT costs with no need for your own complicated network or infrastructure
  • increased sharing of information and collaboration with digital workplaces
  • extremely high availability- our system has not had an unplanned outage in the last 3 years
  • the ease of access allows us to support you better
  • removes IT barriers to growth and expansion
  • keeps your business agile and cost effective
  • offers you peace of mind with complete security.
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In addition to all these fantastic features, Triumph Cloud is also 100% tax deductible. Since Triumph Cloud is ‘Pay as you go’, you get a 100% tax deduction on the cost of your cloud services, which also has a very positive impact on cash flow compared to depreciation.

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