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Triumph Business Systems

Company Profile – Australian Owned for 30 years

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Triumph Business Systems Pty Ltd are the owners and developers of Triumph ERP Software, and are a West Australian based software development company offering the latest in technological and software design.

Triumph ERP Software is 100% Australian owned and developed from the ground up and has built on its success for more than 30 years. During this 30-year period the same company has continuously owned and developed this world class product with all design and development work being done in Australia by Australians. This is a home-grown success story.


Any Size, Anywhere

Triumph is designed for the small and medium sized business that have outgrown their current accounting software such as Xero, MYOB, or QuickBooks and now require a totally integrated, whole-of-enterprise approach to meet their growing business need. One system to monitor, control and automate all functions within the business process.

Triumph customers range in size from single store operators to large publicly listed national and international organisations that have anywhere between 1–100 users. Hundreds of companies across numerous industries can testify to the strength and reliability of Triumph.

Australian Powered IT

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Triumph Business Systems has grown from very humble roots in Perth Western Australia, to become one of the longest running level ERP system on the Australian market today. To remain in the highly dynamic market of software design and consistently be up against some of the big boys in of the world of IT, you have to be good. Over 30 years we have proved we are good at what we do with many testimonials to share.

Year of Creation

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Much has happened over that 30-year period since Triumph Business Systems inception. When it all began in 1989, the IT movement was gaining pace, you were first introduced to Apple’s first portable Macintosh computer, you may have had your first Nintendo Gameboy, and it was the year that Tim Berners-Lee submitted his proposal which would later become the World Wide Web. This was also in that year that, Triumph founders Michael Macliver and Clive Richmond set out to create a total management integrated system for small and medium size businesses, they called it Triumph.

Transforming over the years

During the early years in business, Triumph software was on the Xenix platform, a Unix derivative, which consisted of only a hard disk for storage and a green screen data terminal for input and output, which was the standard for the era. The core financial accounting software produced then consisted of approximately eight different modules., and was installed on a client’s computer through the use of 5¼” floppy disks, which held one module per disk.

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As the technology advanced over the years, Triumph Business Systems extended the capabilities of their software and the number of programmers, and support staff while updating the platform from its focused approach to accounting, to an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software which could be tailored to suit a larger demographic.

Adapting to the needs of our customers

With the new focus on transforming the capabilities of their software, and supporting the business processes, rather than just the accounting, they continued to meet the needs of their customers within heavily technology-based industries. Triumph had become a more versatile and customisable, and sold across the country and into South Africa. Triumph software managed to develop and adapt technology to the everchanging needs of the business. Company founder and Managing Director, Mike Macliver and Mr Clive Richmond Technical Director still drive the business today along with the team of 9.

Accredited Partners

In 2020 Triumph Business Systems celebrated their 31st anniversary not only had the team at Triumph reached such an incredible milestone, with their award-winning product in a dynamic fast-moving industry but the Perth-based team could also celebrate that they still have their very first Triumph client. Hitech Brake & Clutch.

It is Triumph Business Systems aim to continue to make revolutionary technology accessible, at an affordable price, for the small and medium-sized businesses business to ensure they have, smarter, easier business growth. The future of software design is a very exciting place and Triumph is proud to be part of that future. In 2023 winning the Australian Small Business Championship I.T. Awards.

Company Profile,Triumph ERP,Australian software,company profile

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