A Triumphant anniversary for Triumph Business Systems

In 1989, when the world was introduced to Apple’s first portable Macintosh computer, the first Nintendo Gameboy entered the market, and Tim Berners-Lee submitted his proposal which would later become the World Wide Web, Triumph founders Michael Macliver and Clive Richmond who had worked together previously, set out to create a total management integrated system which could be used by small and medium size businesses who felt they had outgrown their current accounting software. Creating Triumph Business Systems, Mr Macliver and Mr Richmond offered their own version of accounting software which could be distributed to accountants and businesses locally.

Now, 30-years later, Triumph Business Systems are excited to be celebrating our 30th anniversary in 2019. Reaching such an incredible milestone, our Perth-based team are not only celebrating such an achievement in business, but are also now catering our services to thousands of users nationally. With statistics reporting less than 40 per cent of small businesses within Australia surviving through the first three years, we at Triumph believe that makes our 30-years a local success.

During the initial years in business, Mr Macliver and Mr Richmond produced the Triumph software on the Xenix platform, a Unix derivative, which consisted of only a hard disk for storage and a green screen data terminal for input and output, which was the standard for the era. The accounting software produced by the pair which consisted of approximately eight different modules at the time, could further be installed on a client’s computer through the use of 5¼” floppy disks, which held one module per disk. However, as the technology advanced over the years, Mr Macliver and Mr Richmond extended the capabilities of their software, updating the platform from its focused approach to accounting, to an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software which could be tailored to suit a larger demographic, and could also offer a more detailed approach to accounting and business operations management. With the focus transforming onto the capabilities of their software, and it supporting the business processes rather than just the accounting, Triumph Business Systems became a national product, marketed as Triumph ERP.

Company founder and Managing Director, Mike Macliver announced “Over the last 30 years, our systems have changed and evolved to meet the needs of our customers. With more versatile and customisable software needed for our now heavily technology-based industries, Triumph has managed to develop and adapt our technology to the everchanging needs of our clients.”

With our platform now offering a cloud-based subscription service for our software, Triumph is using today’s smarter technology to benefit our clients. “From what was once a physical installation procedure, we are now bringing our clients a cloud-based option, allowing for secure data storage, software support, and regular updates automatically, without the need for our clients to address the changes manually.”

Joining in on our celebrations, our very first client, Hitech Brake & Clutch, who are a West Australian owned and operated small business in Wangara, have been making the most of the capabilities offered by the module-based system for over the 30-years. Still a loyal and reputable client of Triumph today, Hitech Brake & Clutch have used the software to customise their needs for their auto parts business, creating an ease for their business operations management, and allowing them to focus on the more important aspects of small business such as customer support and service.

Mike speaks fondly of the 30-years, mentioning that the things he most enjoys about the business is to see his customers growing along with him. “Without our customers, we have no business, so thank you. Thank you to our loyal clients and for your continued support over the years.”

With a focus on future prospects, our team are constantly looking for ways to expand the reach of our software for small businesses. “Triumph is continuing to update and improve the capabilities of the ERP platform.” Mike said. “We are currently focusing on integrating B2C with online purchasing and interaction capabilities between consumers and businesses through the use of Triumph’s ERP module-based system.”

Triumph Business System’s 30-year anniversary is worthy of celebration, and as our company continues to enhance the capabilities of the platform, there is no knowing what the future will bring to Triumph ERP.