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Triumph ERP supports thriving WA business despite troubled economy


Western Australian owned and operated business, Kirby Marine, is traversing the challenging economic climate and is currently experiencing a boom, contrary to many other businesses in WA.

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Now is the Time to Finance Your ERP Software Investment!


Here are 8 reasons why finance is a great option for your investment in new ERP software!

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Triumph ERP Connecting Businesses Around the Globe

2e1ax timeless entry Steel

Triumph ERP has a reputation of being an advanced and versatile software solution for modern businesses. Triumph Client EastWest Steel Trading and Distribution is an excellent example of this.

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Web Requisitions


Web Requisitions is a way of entering purchase requisitions via the Internet

It allows internal and external contacts anywhere in the world in any time zone to create purchase requests. Most often these purchase requests will be for a job, where certain materials and services are required for a job. Once complete, requests can be submitted for approval at the head office.

Even after a request has been approved and a supplier purchase order created, the system still provides the ability to revise a request/purchase order, recording the revision number and date each time.

Note that as a web based module, this requires the web application server for web communications with the database.