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Triumph ERP supports thriving WA business despite troubled economy


Western Australian owned and operated business, Kirby Marine, is traversing the challenging economic climate and is currently experiencing a boom, contrary to many other businesses in WA.

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Now is the Time to Finance Your ERP Software Investment!


Here are 8 reasons why finance is a great option for your investment in new ERP software!

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Triumph ERP Connecting Businesses Around the Globe

2e1ax timeless entry Steel

Triumph ERP has a reputation of being an advanced and versatile software solution for modern businesses. Triumph Client EastWest Steel Trading and Distribution is an excellent example of this.

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Agent Consignment Stock


The Agent Consignment Stock Module enables companies to easily manage stock they have consigned to agents.

It allows you to know precisely what stock you have with what agents and what the value of this stock is. It also allows your agents to:

  • Request consignment stock
  • Receive stock in on consignment
  • Report sales of consignment stock
  • Forecast monthly sales figures

This is all done through a clean, easy to use, web interface that is directly connected to Triumph; empowering your agents to be more involved and directly connected to your company. Each agent has their own stock listing that they can easily filter by supplier, product group or partial description.

When a request is submitted, an internal stock transfer request is raised in Triumph, and immediately emailed to the warehouse for action. The warehouse can then pick these goods and ship them back to the agent who receipts them in when they arrive, tracking the stock at all points. Internally in Triumph, stock is automatically moved from being warehouse goods, to goods in transit, to being goods on consignment with the agent. With the additional Consignment Stock module, if goods are not available at the warehouse, the system can automatically raise a consignment stock request from your supplier to be directly shipped to the agent. This makes the whole process far easier to manage and control.

On a regular basis, the agents use another web screen to record their sales of consignment stock. Again, this information flows electronically into Triumph and ultimately becomes an invoice that is sent back to the agent.

For companies that have field agents that work with consignment stock, there is finally a system that will control and manage all different aspects of this in a single, fully integrated, easy to use way. That's Triumph.